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The Hyrule Warriors: Darunia, Midna, and Zant

by Prima Games Staff

Hyrule Warriors has plenty of variety when it comes to playable characters. Below, the guide writer for Prima’s Hyrule Warriors strategy guide highlights three Warriors who exemplify the diversity in combat and personality.

Darunia, the Goron Chief, might be a bit sluggish, but he is also incredibly powerful. His Combo Attacks are easy to understand, and they have little delay. This means you don’t have to worry too much about taking a hit while trying to perform them. In fact, his Combo Attacks are pretty impressive when compared to the other Warriors’. They have good range, dish out plenty of damage, and aren’t particularly complicated; the Goron Chief is an easy read. His Regular Attacks are also solid, if a bit lacking in range. However, they still pack a punch when it comes to thumping lesser enemies in the game. All in all, Darunia’s a quality Warrior, and fans of unhurried, but monstrously powerful characters will truly enjoy playing as him.

The Twilight Princess, Midna, is one of the most interesting Warriors in the game, not only because of her attacks’ designs, but also because of her game mechanics. She rides on the back of a wolf while attacking with the supreme power of her magical hair. Her signature attacks involve wolf-based uppercuts and using her hair, transformed into a giant hand, to conjure up tornadoes. Midna’s attacks have unpredictable and incredible range and are extremely powerful after you upgrade them properly. This makes her one of the best Warriors for taking over Keeps and sweeping through large groups of enemy soldiers. Her Regular Attacks aren’t particularly strong, but a few of her Combo Attacks deal enough damage to make up for that. She’s a fun Warrior to play as, if for no any other reason than her ability to throw the wolf she’s riding on like a deadly, furry Frisbee. She’s as eccentric and charming as she was in Twilight Princess, and fans will definitely love playing as her.

Zant’s a weird dude. There are few other ways to describe this Twili from Twilight Princess. His body contorts and twists, his face is a ghostly shade of white, and he throws temper tantrums to attack his enemies. Somehow, despite his eccentricities, Zant is a very solid Warrior. This becomes especially true once the player learns to wield the power of his tantrums, totem pole, and giant helmet. I really enjoyed using this strange Warrior and if I had gotten my hands on him sooner, I would have used him through the bulk of the guide-writing experience. He’s just too interesting not to love.

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