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How to Destroy an Axion Bolt in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

The Warlock’s Axion Bolt grenade is one of the most annoying weapons in Destiny’s Crucible. It produces bolts of Void energy capable of affecting enemy players within a 10-meter radius. Get hit by one of these and you’re looking at 90 percent damage. If you took a hit or two right beforehand, it’s enough to make you dead.

Fortunately there’s a way to fight back, and it’s as simple as blasting the energy bolt to make it go away. Don’t believe us? Watch the video from YouTube poster chandler grote, who provides two instances where he shoots the Axion Bolt to destroy it.

The Destiny community cannot reach a concensus over whether this is a pre-existing feature or something new in Bungie’s Update 2.0.  Some insist they could always do it, while others say it’s definitely new. Either way, and providing this video is legit, it’s good to know the Axion Bolt won’t bother us nearly as much.

Watch the video and let us know if you did this in multiplayer. Then see the best Titan Smash of all time.

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