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How to Buy the Palutena amiibo on Amazon

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s first Wave 5 amiibo, Palutena, goes on sale through Amazon at 2:00 PM pacific time, 5:00 PM east coast time today, July 24.  The popular goddess of light debuted outside of the U.S. in multiple stores and countries, but given North America’s propensity for amiibo exclusives, it’s Amazon or bust. 

From what we’ve read in this helpful r/amiibo thread, Amazon will have a large amount of Palutena amiibo available, but expects to sell out. Additionally it is one amiibo per customer, and the company disabled one-click ordering.

There’s no telling how many people will attempt to buy Palutena this afternoon, or how smooth checkout will be. We can’t guarantee you’ll acquire one of these figures, but following the below tips will give you a good chance. 

  • Keep this link open on your browser and refresh at 2:00 PM PT. 
  • If you do not live on the east or west coast, figure out the time given your location.
  • Well beforehand, make sure you update both your credit card and shipping information in your Amazon account.
  • Do not hesitate. Add Palutena to your cart and check out immediately. The Lego Ewok Village can wait.  

According to Amazon, two people with the same address but different accounts can each buy Palutena.  Please do not tell your friends to buy this amiibo so you can get 20! 

Basic stuff, and so long as you’re ready to go, Palutena will most likely be yours. Dark Pit, on the other hand, may take some luck because he is Best Buy exclusive, and stores may not have enough amiibo to satisfy demand when he goes on sale July 31. 

Good luck, and let us know if you were able to buy Palutena.

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