How to Buy and Earn New Cars in Forza Horizon 2

Don't have enough sweet rides in your garage? There are a few ways to fix that.

You’ll never worry about a lack of vehicles to drive in Forza Horizon 2. Microsoft and Playground Games included over 200 rides to choose from throughout the event, ranging from exotic sports cars to loaded off-road vehicles that make a difference when it comes to reaching the finish line.

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However, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I acquire all these sweet rides?” Shopping may seem like the answer, but there’s more than one way to build your car collection. Here are some tips that will help you quickly fill up your garage, and give you more options when hitting the open road.

You Better Shop Around

Obviously, the main option when it comes to purchasing vehicles is to visit the store. You can access this at any time from the game’s sub-menu to peruse the available selection.

However, there are two things to keep in mind. First, the more powerful performers in the game, such as select Ferrari models, cost a pretty penny when it comes to credits. We’re talking at least 150,000, which can add up quickly if you’re just getting started. The best way to achieve this goal is to continue taking on challenges, including ones from rivals and Drivatars, as well as side events. The more you tackle, the closer you get to earning that ride.

The second thing to keep in mind is that, when you’re entering new tournament tiers, you’ll need to buy a basic model if you want to get started. For example, when you tackle the Rally tournament for the first time (out of a selection of three), you’ll need a compatible rally car to take part. You can select from different models, but it never hurts to have a couple on hand, especially if you want one with peak performance. Take a look and don’t make a blind choice. After all, this will be a difference maker when competing at a top level.

Be sure to visit the shop as often as you can, as the vehicle selection can change and offer some exciting new rides. Don’t forget to check any DLC available with purchasing the game, including the Forza Horizon 2 Day One pack.

A Spin of Fortune

As you level up in the game – which you’ll do by completing events and certain tasks with skill chains – you’ll earn an opportunity to spin a virtual wheel. On this wheel are various credit rewards, along with select vehicles that will be instantly added to your garage should you land on one.

There’s not much you can do here, as the wheel spins randomly and lands wherever it wants. However, if you want more opportunities to spin, keep completing events throughout each area, as well as side activities like the Bucket List challenges and rival races. By doing so, you’ll earn more spins and possibly some cars sooner than later.

Keep an Eye Out for Gifts

Along with cars received as part of Forza Horizon 2’s bonus packages (like the Day One edition of the game), you’ll want to keep an eye open for challenge events that will earn you new cars right away. These usually come in the form of final rounds of championships, and if you succeed in blowing away the competition, you’ll earn another great ride to add to your collection.

There is some risk, like going with a higher difficulty and thus earning more cash, but also losing out on the ride if you manage to get second place or lower. Stick with an easier difficulty until you acquire the skills needed to dominate and take first without breaking a sweat. Then you get the best of both worlds – the bonus car and the extra cash that comes with it.

Finally, Reward Yourself

In addition to the activities available in the game to earn credits for buying new rides, there’s also a separate Rewards program that Microsoft launched. With it, you can unlock new tiers of credits playing the game, as well as your experience with other Forza titles.

Case in point: by visiting the Rewards page, you’ll see that you can earn credits from your experience with previous Forza titles, such as Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport 5. From there, the more you race in each particular title (including Forza Horizon 2), the more your tier level raises, and the more cash you’ll earn to purchase some of the better vehicles in the game.

Even better, it’s free to register using your Xbox login.

Forza Horizon 2 is available now for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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