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Holiday Gift Guide for the Cozy Gamer (2022)

This holiday season, give your cozy gamer all the love they deserve with these great gifts

by Daphne Fama

2022 has been a rough year. All the years have been pretty rough, honestly. And it makes sense that many gamers have found refuge in the many cozy games that Steam, the Nintendo Switch, and increasingly even consoles have begun to offer. If you have a gamer in your life who likes nothing more than settling into a nice Sunday morning with a cozy game, here are the perfect presents to make them feel the love.

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Cozy Gamer (2022)

A Plant Buddy

If your gamer loves to tend plants in game, chances are they’ll love a plant buddy to keep their space green and their air fresh while. Plenty of plants do well in low light and with minimal care.

Consider the Pothos (also known as the Devil’s Ivy), which is beautiful, lush, and loves to stretch out. This great hanging plant can be put on a shelf over your computer and allowed to consume your screen slowly, or it can grow across a desk. If your loved one prefers a plant that’s a little neater, consider the Lucky Bamboo. Not only is symbolism packed into the shape and number of stems gifted, but it primarily grows with water. Yes, just water. Find it wherever plants are sold.

Desk Tea Set

You know what’s super cozy? Tea. You know what’s even cozier than that? Never having to get up. Free your friend of the burden of every having to move their legs by providing them a desk-friendly tea set. Not only are they extremely aesthetically pleasing, it means they’ll never run out of tea. It’s the ultimate win-win. The tea set here is heated by a candle, which will take longer, but how adorable. Find it here for $49.50.

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Gaming Mat

A good gaming mat is one way to upgrade a cozy gamer’s space instantly. These mats are large enough to fit beneath a keyboard and mouse and are essentially the “rug” of your gaming setup’s “living room.” It’s a foundational piece that can set the entire tone and mood of the area. For a cozy gamer, natural colors, pastels, or light colors are the best way to go. This gaming mat offers a cute landscape that’s both whimsical and relaxing. Find it here for $18.92.

Chunky Knit Throw

If you want to be cozy, you have to be warm. That’s simply a fact. Keep your gamer at the perfect temperature this winter with a Chunky Knit Throw. Not only are these throws the perfect size (long enough to curl up in or keep your toes covered but not so long as to get caught in your chair’s wheels), they have a fun texture and come in a wide variety of colors. Find it here for $45.99.

Oil Diffuser

The proper scent is one way to make an area more welcoming and enjoyable instantly. A good scent can relax you after a long work day and put you in the proper mind frame for a relaxing, laid-back gaming session. This oil diffuser is not only the perfect way to help cultivate that scent-based harmony, but it’s also a lamp that offers a golden glow. Find it here for $40.

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