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Hilarious Final Fantasy XV Cosplay Has Found a New ‘Recipaaay’ Through Meme Inspiration

by Liana Ruppert

Now that my giddy laughter has subsided, I can finally share this outstanding new Final Fantasy XV cosplay that is just the perfect correlation between a hilarious personality quirk of one of the main characters in Final Fantasy XV and one of my favorite memes that I hope never dies. He’s found a new recipaaaaaay!

If you’ve played the latest game in the Final Fantasy franchise, then you know that Ignis is an absolute nut with keeping his companions’ tummies full with only the most delicious food. With an overly-analytical brain, he is constantly on the prowl for new ingredients for a new “recipaay.”

No, seriously … that’s how the character says it. It never gets old when looking for a good-natured laugh.

First, let’s look at the meme this is based off of:

The meme revolves around esteemed Turkish chef that went viral for his unique (and kind of sensual) technique when seasoning his, uh … his meat. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Dubbed “Salt Bae”, Nusret Gökçe was the perfect muse for another intriguing chef we know: Ignis. See for yourself:

Final Fantasy XV Cosplay

Ignis was portrayed by Miguel, while the “so over it” Noctis is portrayed by cosplayer Jin. The hilarious picture is courtesy of photographer, Reskiy. It couldn’t be more perfect and as a fan of the latest Final Fantasy title myself and lover of a good meme, this creative cosplay set definitely gets the Prima Games stamp of approval.

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