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Hideo Kojima – What Is Death Stranding?

by Bryan Dawson

Hideo Kojima had an unfortunate end to his career at Konami. However, he was quick to rise from the ashes with his new company and has now partnered with Sony to create Death Stranding. The first trailer for the game showed off Norman Reedus and a new world surrounding him, but it was a bit vague to say the least. A lot of fans watched the trailer and didn’t quite understand what to expect from the eventual release of the new game. If you’re one of those people, sit back and allow us to hopefully explain at least some of what players can expect from Death Stranding.

First off, if you haven’t already seen the trailer, take a look at it below. It’s very difficult to describe exactly what’s going on in the trailer so it’s best to just watch it yourself. Kojima has been best known for the Metal Gear franchise, and Death Stranding isn’t a huge departure from that kind of gameplay. While it’s too early to determine if Reedus will be involved in stealth action, Death Stranding is a game that involves some sort of action combat.

Players will have the ability to keep enemies away, but it’s also very important to connect with other players and other creatures and people in the world. One aspect of the trailer that a lot of people missed is the fact that almost everything has umbilical cables of some sort. This shows the connection between all aspects of the trailer.

While the multiplayer in Death Stranding won’t be as traditional as Metal Gear Online, you will have to connect with other players. A big part of Death Stranding is about connecting with people through gameplay. Death isn’t the end, but life isn’t necessarily the beginning. The gameplay and story elements of Death Stranding will blur the lines between what is commonly referred to as life and death.

Kojima has been working on Metal Gear for quite some time. He had other ideas at Konami, some of which came to fruition (Zone of the Enders), but Metal Gear was always the priority. Partnering up with Sony, Kojima is now able to really run with his ideas and that’s how Death Stranding began.

Don’t expect the game to fall into traditional genres or modes of play. You will take control of the Norman Reedus character and you will have to fight against other people and beings in the world Kojima is creating. However, there isn’t a definitive line of what multiplayer will be in Death Stranding and the game doesn’t fit into any one genre. It will somewhat resemble the action games of Metal Gear, but it won’t necessarily be an action game.

Death Stranding is something new that defies the standard genre lines. For now, this is all we can offer to explain what Death Stranding is, but Kojima has promised more information over the coming months. Stay tuned to Prima Games as we continue to explain exactly what Kojima is making.

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