Here is Every New Overwatch Skin In The Lunar New Year Event

Every skin in The Year of the Ox.

This year is the year of the Ox, so Overwatch has given some of its characters some nice Ox themed skins, while others get a skin featuring the Lunar New Year holiday itself. 

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Here’s every new skin in Overwatch’s Lunar New Year’s event. 


First up is Orisa’s Demon Bull skin, which honestly is one of the better-looking skins from this set.


Bastion’s Dragonfire skin makes it look like a firework, so all you Bastion mains can continue to lit up a match.


Echo’s Kkachi skin gives it feathered wings for when it soars through the sky. 


Windowmaker’s Pale Serpent skin gives her white scales and a nice white and gold gun.


Ashe’s Tiger Hunteress skin is up there with Orisa’s Demon Bull skin. It turns Bob into a giant buff tiger and who doesn’t love that?


Reaper’s new skin Imperial Guard is pretty much just another Reaper skin, nothing to write home about here.


Baptiste’s Terracotta Medic skin is a cool idea, but it lacks any sort of exciting design. 


Mcree’s Xiake skin is alright looking. They gave him a straw hat, so that’s cool, I guess.

Those are all of the new skins in Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event. The event runs for the next few weeks, so be sure to hop in and grab any of the skins you want. 

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