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Hands-on with Nintendo’s New 2DS XL

by Christopher Buffa

Nintendo will release the New 2DS XL in the U.S. on July 28 for $149.99 as a low cost alternative for parents and gamers looking to enjoy over 1,000 video games on the go, including such hits as Super Mario 3D Land, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. This new portable system is arguably the coolest handheld yet, with features from both the 2DS and 3DS mashed together in a slick piece of tech that will be hard to resist. Thankfully, Nintendo let us go hands-on with its latest creation. The verdict? We want one oh so badly! With that in mind, this is why we can’t wait to buy a New 2DS XL.

Slimming Down

The New 2DS XL is roughly the size of a New 3DS XL but lighter, and considering we often carry our laptops, Switch systems, 3DS handhelds and other things in our bags, less weight is always appreciated.

Smartly Designed

If you have a bad habit of accidentally popping out the game cart while playing, or struggled with detaching the bottom of the New 3DS XL to install a MicroSD card, rejoice! With the New 2DS XL, Nintendo put both the MicroSD card and game cart slots right next to each other on the bottom left of the system. Even better, there’s a plastic flap that makes them easily accessible and protects from dust.

Best of Both Worlds

Although it carries the 2DS name, the New 2DS XL looks more like a 3DS because of the clamshell design. Hey, you won’t hear us complain! We love the clamshell because it protects the screens. You might say, “buy a carrying case” and that’s a wise suggestion, but regardless, we appreciate that extra layer of protection. There’s also a C-Stick on the right, so you can manipulate the camera in Ever Oasis and other supported games.

Less Fingerprints

The 2DS XL features plastic ridges on top and more of a matte finish on the bottom, which means less fingerprints on the system. Granted, you won’t see either while staring at the screen(s), but if you’re as particular as we are, fingerprints are an eyesore.

Behold, the Stylus

Side note, Nintendo shortened the length of the New 2DS XL stylus compared to the one you receive with the New 3DS XL.

Overall, the New 2DS XL is a welcome addition to the Nintendo family and we think it’ll be a huge hit. And while we dig the launch colors (black and turquoise) we look forward to different variations in the months ahead. You know, like the (for now) Japanese exclusive Dragon Quest New 2DS XL with the 3D Slime. Ugh, please, Nintendo! Release that one in the U.S.