One PS4 Player Recreated Halo Infinite In Dreams

While we'll likely never see a Halo game on PlayStation,. one PS fan decided they were going to make their own Halo experience in Dreams.

While we’ll likely never see a Halo game on PlayStation, one PS fan decided they were going to make their own Halo experience in Dreams. The game Dreams is beautifully designed to promote limitless creativity in its players. This adventure by Media Molecule has inspired incredible creations since launch with the latest being the ultimate dream: the end of console exclusives. 

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The latest creation brings the Xbox mainstay franchise Halo over to PlayStation. The creation by Redditor ‘DisarmedPost’ shows off a stunning rendition of Halo within the Media Molecule journey. According to the creator, this project shot straight to the top of their to-do list following the Xbox Showcase earlier this month and it’s here that they’ve brought the Team Green franchise finally over to Team Blue.

Being able to stomp around in Spartan boots on PlayStation seems like a dream, and we guess now technically it is a dream when looking at the scope of the game. The environments rendered are beyond stunning and almost downright intimidating with how incredible some of the creations out there truly are.

Take a peek at the Halo take in the video below: 

been working on designing HALO on the PlayStation after that xbox conference – been having fun! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™ – #MadeInDreams from r/playstation

While still a work in progress and no full-on Master Chief action quite yet, the modder did mention that the work was not quite done and personally? We can’t wait to see even more about what this Dreams recreation will have to offer, especially for those that have never gotten to experience Halo for themselves. 

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Needs more Craig the Brute if you ask us. 

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