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The Guide to Hyrule Warriors

by Prima Games Staff

In Hyrule Warriors, gamers get to experience a new and exciting way to explore favorite characters and memorable lands while discovering new allies, foes, and lairs. Developed in collaboration between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, Hyrule Warriors is a hack and slash game similar to Dynasty Warriors. Infused with The Legend of Zelda‘s past titles, this new story will be one fans of both franchises are sure to enjoy.

Working alongside Nintendo, Prima is crafting a beautiful hardcover Hyrule Warriors guide that is overflowing with game strategies, maps, and special content. Wrapped in the game’s cover art, featuring Link, Zelda, and Lana surrounded by enemies, the Hyrule Warriors strategy guide will take players through all game modes and levels, breaking down everything one needs to complete the game 100%.

As the perfect companion to this epic title, the guide will grant players access to detailed labeled maps and effective strategies for all game modes and levels. Items and collectables lists will assist gamers in finding all hidden chests, while weapons information can be used to build the ultimate arsenal.

Players can select from a range of characters both familiar and new in Hyrule Warriors, and our guide will have combat details for all of them. Strategies and tips will work to improve gamers’ skills on the battlefield, while hero and villain overviews will give story insight. Comprehensive tactics and information, such as what each hero can unlock in every level and were allies can be found, will be available throughout the guide.

To upgrade each character’s unique weapons and abilities, special Badges can be crafted from Rupees and items scattered throughout the game. Our guide contains the enemy drop list so players know precisely which foes carry the items they require.

This in-depth content is essential for those looking to get the most out of their game, but what makes the Hyrule Warriors strategy guide stand apart is the bonus section featuring over 70 pages of game art. Interviews with the development team will also be found in this section, giving readers a look into how Hyrule Warriors came to be.

Leading up to Hyrule Warriors‘ release, Prima will be giving fans access to exclusive strategies and insight on the game straight from the guide author himself. Stay tuned to our Hyrule Warriors page and follow Prima Games on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

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