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Getting to Know the Characters in Fable Legends

by Prima Games Staff

Fable Legends isn’t your typical entry in Lionhead Studios’ long-running role-playing adventure series. In fact, it feels more like a reboot, a game that delves deeper into the combat and style of each character while at the same time providing a fresh new look to the city of Albion and its surrounding territories.

With this new territory comes a new set of heroes, and we have a breakdown for each one, giving you an idea of what to expect as you head into battle.


Even though he’s the neatest of the heroes, with his manicured hands and velvet jacket, don’t be fooled. Sterling is a noble warrior whose good looks distract from his sword-slashing skill set. He can easily wipe the floor with enemies using a large rapier, and can get around quickly. He’s a good starter character for those looking to get their feet wet in the world of Fable.


One of the tougher warriors available in Fable Legends, Rook is a grizzled yet devoted warrior who uses a sturdy crossbow as his main weapon. That makes him better as a distance-based striker, as he can hit targets from far away with great accuracy. Of course, he can fend off enemies up close as well, but with quick blunt strikes instead of slashes. For those who prefer to shoot up a storm, Rook’s your man.


To consider Inga tough is an understatement. She’s a rough and tumble warrior with a gigantic shield and sword that can easily dispense heavy damage, while at the same time protecting her from attacks. In addition, the shielding comes with an enchantment, which provides healing support when Inga and her allies need it the most. If you want a good well-rounded character in offense and defense, Inga’s your girl.


Where most of the other characters rely on weaponry for defense, Winter uses spell casting to her advantage, as she can summon freeze spells to easily turn foes into ice blocks. She’s determined when she’s in battle, although she’s a light-hearted companion to others, making sure that they’re well-defended. For those who prefer a magical style of play, Winter’s the way to go.


A member of Albion’s best known secret society, the Conclave, Shroud is an effective archer that can easily kill a monster from yards away. However, unlike other distance attackers, he prefers to use stealth to his advantage, sneaking around in an effort to find the right time to strike. He’s perfect for those who like to take the slow approach to battle, seeking a strong vantage point and then striking mercilessly when they’re good to go.


This masked character, a charming romantic cursed with the Shadowblight’s powers, is very effective when it comes to gaining a tactical advantage, as he utilizes everything from pet leeches to other types of spells to attack foes. While this doesn’t make him a strong character in melee combat, he more than makes up for it planning his next move from a different range, and thus giving his team an advantage. He’s not much for looks, but Leech provides devastating force.


Glory is a family girl, born and raised from nobility, with special abilities granted through her Will Power. These are mostly magic attacks, but very effective ones, like a storm that rains down flaming fireballs from the sky – an ideal move that can easily damage multiple foes at once. She takes a little getting used to at first, but she’s a powerhouse addition that fans of the series will grow to love.

More heroes will be added closer to the game’s release, but for now, you can see what kind of tactical advantages these characters serve, and get a better idea of what might work best for you when the game arrives for Xbox One later this year.

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