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Germany Vs. Argentina – 2014 World Cup Final Prediction

by Prima Games Staff

On Sunday, July 13th, the World Cup will reach its climactic conclusion in Brazil when Germany battles Argentina in the final.  The Cup tournament provided countless breathtaking moments and is already viewed by many critics as the best in history, so we expect a thrilling finish. 

In the team’s previous games, Germany stomped Brazil in a 7-1 embarrassment, while Argentina had to work much harder, pushing the match against the Netherlands all the way to penalty kicks. 

For Argentina, it’s all about #10, superstar Lionel Messi.  The most productive player on the planet had sky high expectations from the football world coming into the Cup, and he most certainly delivered.  Messi has four goals in the tournament, which is half of Argentina’s team total of eight.  If the Germans don’t monitor Messi throughout the entire 90 minutes of this match, it only takes him a split second to further cement his place in history.

This World Cup has been all about Thomas Müller for the Germans. The second leading scorer in the tournament found his way into defensive seams and capitalized when the ball was put on his feet.  Alongside Mesut Ozil and Mario Goetze, Argentina is in for a long 90 minutes defending one of the best offenses in recent international competition. 

As we have in rounds past, Prima Games ran a simulation match to see who EA Sports projects to win, using the publisher’s 2014 World Cup Brazil video game for Xbox 360 and PS3.  We let the computer play itself, and the action did not disappoint. 

In the 21st minute, Messi puts in a service ball that falls 10 yards from goal, but Gonzalo Higuain’s momentum carries him away from the net, so he is unable to get a solid header on it; an early opportunity wasted. Eight minutes later, Germany gets lazy in the back end and turns the ball over at the 18 yard line.  The ball comes to rest on the feet of Lionel Messi and he makes quick work of turning the corner on German defender Jerome Boateng. With only keeper Manuel Neuer to beat, Messi sends a left footed rip to the far post.  Thankfully for the Germans, Neuer is playing as well as any goalie in the world right now, and was able to get a fingertip on the shot to deflect it wide. 

In the 44th minute, it was Argentina’s turn to get sloppy while handling the ball on defense.  Martín Demichelis takes a touch that was far too big for him at the moment, turning into an easy steal for Miroslav Klose.  Klose leads Mesut Ozil ahead with a leisurely ground pass, and Ozil finishes with ease to give the Germans a 1-0 lead before halftime.  The Argentinians did not pack it in for the half at this point.  The boys in blue made one final push, and Perez put one off the post that could have taken all of the wind out of the German sails.  This was the second missed opportunity for Argentina.

The trend continued right after half time, as Messi sends a firecracker of a shot on goal with his weak foot.  Neuer dives in full extension and the ball flies by his hands and ricochets off the upright.  Only inches separate this game from being 2-1 Argentina.  

After two more close calls, Germany buckles down on defense and begins to play the time game.  Argentina was not able to punch through late and take advantage of its opportunities.  The resulting win gives Germany its fourth World Cup title, and bragging rights over the entire world for the next four years.  

Did this result surprise you? Let us know what you think will happen on Sunday in what should be a superb end to the 2014 World Cup. 

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