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Eight Great Games from PAX Prime 2014

by Prima Games Staff

This year’s PAX Prime event, which took place in Seattle over the course of a four-day weekend, was certainly time consuming, as there were plenty of big and small developers on hand showing off their wares on the show floor. Whether you were in the mood for a hot and heavy round of Super Smash Bros. or wanted to see what Galak-Z had to offer, there was certainly something for everyone.

However, only a certain handful could be considered the “best of PAX” when it comes right down to it. So, we scoured the show floor and came up with a list of the elite titles that truly made PAX Prime the show it certainly deserves to be.

So, without further ado, here are the games that truly defined what PAX Prime were all about for 2014…

Titan Souls (Devolver Digital0 

Titan Souls is easily one of those “epic” titles that can throw you off the first time you experience it, but grows with you as you continue to play on and see what it’s about. As a lone hero with a single arrow, it’s your job to explore a number of tombs and discover massive boss enemies that require the best kind of strategy in order to bring them down to size. With a Zelda-like gameplay perspective and plenty of challenges, Titan Souls could easily be an underground hit.

Salt and Sanctuary (Ska Studios)

The latest from James Silva, the mastermind behind such games as Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher saga, is definitely one of his best, as it’s a combination of Dark Souls’ “never say die” mantra with the Metroidvania games of old, where exploration plays a key factor. Salt and Sanctuary features exquisite artwork, hardcore gameplay, and the kind of exploration theme you just don’t see in games anymore. In other words, it rocks.

The Order: 1866 (Sony) 

One of the bigger AAA titles on the show floor at PAX Prime is easily Sony’s The Order: 1866. Featuring a gameplay style that truly defines Ready At Dawn at its development best, as well as great graphics that set a new standard for the PS4, The Order: 1866 definitely looks like it bumps things up on another level when it comes to action. This can’t come out soon enough.

Pig.Eat.Ball (Mommy’s Best Games) 

Easily one of the better party games that’s set to be available soon, Pig.Eat.Ball is a multiplayer romp where you take on other players in fun little activities, such as competitive peg chasing and more. Although the PAX demos are more interactive with vibrating chairs, the home game should still be entertaining, especially with a group of friends getting together. Throw in a level editor and you have a party game that’ll certainly keep you busy. 

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Warner Bros.)

 A lot of AAA games have gotten our attention, but hardly any are as deep and involving as Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, a one-of-a-kind action game built around a terrific enemy-based system, where they level up depending on your progress against your hero characters. With a smooth combat system, an open world ripe for exploration, and plenty of slick visuals, Shadow of Mordor could easily become one of the brightest spots in the Lord of the Rings series.

Halo 2 Anniversary (Microsoft)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection took center stage at the Microsoft booth, but only with one specific entry – Halo 2 Anniversary. It turns out that’s the only game fans needed, as they could play the game’s maps against others in a brutal, yet enjoyable, multiplayer affair. This game will no doubt be a huge part of the Master Chief package when it arrives on November 11th for Xbox One.

Evolve (2K Games)

A monster took over PAX Prime this weekend, and it was no doubt Evolve. This four-on-one battle game really took over the community this weekend, providing players the chance to take on a mighty Goliath (or another given creature) and the four hunters out to bring it down to size. With plenty of competitiveness, beautiful visuals and exciting gameplay, Evolve definitely delivered. Look for this one in 2015.

Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo)

Finally, Nintendo had a huge presence on the show floor with Super Smash Bros. and a number of other games. Out of everything it offered, however, Hyrule Warriors turned out to be the genuine surprise. Packing the kind of Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay we’ve come to expect from Koei Tecmo, combined with the glorious universe of The Legend of Zelda, it truly took the audience by surprise. We’ll be hacking and slashing with it on September 24th.

If you’re around Seattle today, make sure to stop by for the final day of PAX and check these games out!

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