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Games of 2014 – Fable Anniversary

by Prima Games Staff

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Fable, Lionhead Studios’ epic action RPG for the original Xbox. To celebrate and appease fans around the world, the developer will re-release its classic adventure on Xbox 360 in the long-awaited Fable Anniversary.

The core elements will remain intact. You’ll build a hero or villain from the ground up based on your interactions with this beautiful and immersive world. How you treat others will determine the sort of character you’ll become. You’ll recruit allies and make enemies along the way, get married and even own a home.

Based on that description, been there, done that, right? Not exactly.  Fable Anniversary comes with all-new Achievements, Xbox SmartGlass support and even The Lost Chapters. In addition, you can expect a new lighting system and textures that will bring Fable into the HD generation.

Naturally, Prima will seek to enhance your experience with the official Fable Anniversary hardcover guide. Sporting gilded pages and an exclusive in-game weapon (The Sword of Strategia), this feature-packed tome will be the perfect companion. Pre-order it here.

Suffice to say, this game will give you one more reason to play your Xbox 360 in 2014.

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