Gamer Advantage Blue-Light Glasses Review

There are a lot of companies that offer blue-light glasses but none do it quite so well as Gamer Advantage with their magnetic clip!

Over the years, blue-light blocking glasses have become all the rage and for good reason! Whether you’re on a computer all of the time for work, or like to grind it out in front of a gaming PC or console, the blue light in the everyday screens can really do a number on our eyes. Migraines, vision impairment distortion, sleep disruption – even seizures, the list of harmful side effects of the screens in our lives goes on and on.

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I’ve had a few different blue-light blocking glasses in my day whether by Big Game Companies TM or by those so-bad-for-you-yet-you-buy-it-anyway Instagram ads, but I never really stuck with them for long. Some game companies use way too harsh of a yellow tint in their lenses, while others scratched and blurred far too easily. I recently had the chance to check out Gamer Advantage and their eyewear line and immediately I was struck by two major ways this brand is unique. 

So, for a little backstory: I’m a massive PC gamer and have been for years. While I’ve been gaming for the better part of 30, it was in the last 15 years where I really hit the PC side of the community hard. Thing is, I’m also a gaming journalist, so the problem lies in the fact that I’ll spend 10 hours of the day in front of my computer for work only to turn around and spend even more time playing games on the same monitor. It’s awesome in terms of gaming, not so much on my eyes. Because of that, I do have really bad insomnia and recently I found out this also can impact my epilepsy. 

Now that we’re all caught up on the life that is Liana, the first aspect of the Gamer Advantage glasses is the sunglasses clip. Holy crap. No, but seriously. They’re so easy to snap on, literally just hold the sunglasses addition up to the frame for an instant connection, and they are removable just as easy. They not only look nice, but they’re also incredibly functional, which is pretty awesome when leaving from the computer to go for a drive somewhere to still be able to have the same pair of eyewear no matter if it’s a monitor or my phone I’m looking at. They also come with a case for the sunglasses clip so you don’t have to worry about scuffing them up or losing them. 

The second aspect that was noteworthy is the quality of glasses. A lot of these Instagram sites don’t have to go through quality testing, which means while the glasses may look nice on the model, they are usually a much more downgraded version of the eyewear when delivered. The lenses tend to cloud up very easily as well, so for somebody like the that likes to spend hundreds of hours raiding – that’s a no-go. 

The Gamer Advantage glasses are solid quality, thick lenses without being embarrassingly so, which makes everyday wear even easier. The frames, though plastic, are sturdy as well, which I unintentionally tested them when I left them on the roof of my Jeep.


After trying them out for a week straight, with solid wear throughout the day, I did notice a significant drop in headaches and I had an easier time falling asleep. Now I’m not saying my insomnia is cured – I still have to think about all of the regrettable things I did in 6th grade at 2AM after all – I definitely noticed a difference in the nightly routine that was for the better. 

My husband also gave a pair a test drive and he mentioned, which we talked about in detail here, how they actually helped with his colorblindness as well. “I had a pair of Gunnars when they first became a big thing and I hated them immediately,” he told me. “Not that they were bad, but the color made gaming pretty impossible for me. Whether I was playing a game like Medal of Honor or playing a title that was rooted in the color blue like Fortnite, the yellow lenses made it way too difficult to be able to differentiate what was happening in-game. It became a choice of game with the glasses and not experience the game in its entirety, or ditch the glasses and deal with the headaches.”

If you’re a streamer, a casual gamer, or just somebody that’s in front of a computer a lot, these are a solid brand to look into. They’re a little pricier than some of the competition, but they’re worth it – it’s not pointless price inflation. The cost reflects the quality, to me at least, and the fact that Gamer Advantage also offers prescription lenses just solidified my satisfaction.

There are quite a few different styles to choose from with prescription and non-prescription options starting at $129.99. There’s also a sale going on now for a limited time, which you can check out right here

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