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FullCube Announces New Platform That Aims to Connect Gamers With the Biggest Brands in the Industry

by Liana Ruppert

FullCube has announced its launch for a fan direct platform that aims to connect streamers, esports players, and content creators with major brands in the industry, and it’s a program that utilizes engagement and loyalty in its finest sense. 

What is FullCube, exactly? FullCube is a fully fleshed out service designed to build a highly engaged audience to improve a brand’s value and longevity. In a partnership with ReKT Global, a leading name in esports, FullCube is a service that can be a valuable asset for many in terms of connectivity and networking as well. 

According to FullCube and ReKT, “Registration, authentication, and recurring credit-card-on-file activation builds significant new revenues and gives fans insider access, preferential treatment, and exclusive benefits that form long-lasting bonds.”

Other benefits to FullCube include: 

  • Fullcube helps studio or game fans become loyal members to the brand itself.
  • Fullcube already has best practices in place for offering enthusiast marketing and subscription plans which can now effectively be managed with top game publishers.
  • Setting up the Fullcube Fan Direct API is easy for new partners and comes with a host of benefits.
  • Building fan acquisition, pricing models, and managing subscriptions can allow for game publishers to offer more to their fans on a global scale.
  • Once in place, the developers can move forward with content and benefits that enhance the biggest fan’s experience.
  • On the backend, metrics and reports come from tracking built within the systems. Targeting a focused audience with content that caters to them gets easier through Fullcube. 

As for how to use this new service, FullCube is a turnkey solution that has an API plugin that can be placed on a team website while also giving the audience direct access to videos, event highlights, coaching sessions with players, tips and tricks, and exclusive merchandise. FullCube wants all-in in the games industry and with the continued rise of esports, now is the perfect time to do just that. 

To learn more, check out the official website right here. 

This is a sponsored post, as ReKT Global is the parent company of Greenlit Content as part of the Prima network. 

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