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Five Reasons to Play Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

by Prima Games Staff

Looking back, Wolfenstein: The New Order may have been the best first-person shooter to come out in 2014, and that’s without having a multi-player mode that other shooters rely so heavily upon. Fast forward one year and we’re about to step back into the boots of William B.J. ”Blazkowicz, accompanying him on his journey to locate and take down General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse.

Although you likely don’t need convincing, there are bound to be a handful of gamers on the fence about picking up Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. We’re here to tell you to get off this fence and buy the game already, and here are five rock solid reasons why.

Meet William “B.J.” Blazkowicz

There were some really cool mechanics and concepts in Wolfenstein: The New Order, but perhaps our favorite part was Blazkowicz himself. The internal dialog was fantastic, showing an emotional side to the protagonist we didn’t expect going in. With Brian Bloom reprising the role, players can expect a lot more door kicking, Nazi smashing and emotional goodness. It’s not just him, however, as the entire cast and dialog should be top notch.

Choose Your Favorite Play Style

With the gameplay in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood sharing similarities to The New Order, players can expect to battle enemies with whatever approach they feel best suits them. This means equipping dual machine guns and cutting down the opposition while walking straight into the heart of the fight. Or they can be more like us, sneaking around and stabbing their foes in the necks when they least expect it. If it’s anything like The New Order, expect each chapter to allow players to carve out their own experiences.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Screen Capture

Collect All of the Cool Stuff

Wolfenstein: The New Order had loads of collectibles, such as Letters and Gold Items. It was enough to keep us busy for a second play through, and those same items will return for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. This means that in between your adventures slaughtering all of Deathshead’s men, you’ll have to stop to read intimate details of people’s personal lives, and stuff your pockets with enough gold to make Floyd Mayweather look poor. Even if you ignore most items, you’re bound to find some of the game’s collectibles, but we’ll post full guides for those who want them all.

Epic Battles and Intense Boss Fights

We can tell you with certainty there will be at least one boss fight in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but there could be more than that. After all, Wolfenstein: The New Order had several, and we provided a full walkthrough to help you win them all. The Old Blood only has seven chapters, so there are bound to be less, but this is one of those situations where you want quality, not quantity. We hear there is even a boss battle in the game’s Nightmare mode, which players may also remember from their time with The New Order.

Brutal Weapons and Crazy Combat

There was something cool about how unapologetic Wolfenstein: The New Order was with its overly gruesome violence. Headshots literally took people’s heads off, and the blood dirtied your wardrobe. With Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, players can expect more of the same, as well as some new weapons to tear the flesh from their enemy’s bones. As you can see from the trailer below, you may have to use whatever is laying around, like an old set of pipes or possibly a makeshift sawed off shotgun.

For all your strategy needs, visit and bookmark Prima’s Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough and collectibles guide.

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