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Five Reasons to Play Resident Evil 5 Again

by Prima Games Staff

Capcom’s Resident Evil 5, the classic that released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 years ago, arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for a very reasonable price of $20. Is it worth playing again? Definitely, and we have five reasons why you should make RE5 part of your video game collection.

Co-Op in Resident Evil 5 is Still Excellent

While Resident Evil 5 gives you the option to go through the game in single-player – with ample AI support for the other player, no less – one huge factor that’s in the game’s favor is when you play alongside a friend. You’ll work as a team as you plow your way through enemy forces, solve puzzles and team up to take down bosses using double the firepower to get the job done. In most cases, it’s absolutely necessary. Find an online buddy and have a field day.

Resident Evil 5 is Still a Beast on Professional Difficulty

Throughout playing Resident Evil 5, you’ll find access to four different difficulty settings. Amateur is a great place for rookies to get started in the game, while those accustomed to the franchise can jump right into Normal or Veteran and prove their worth. However, true die-hard players won’t hesitate to make a run through Professional difficulty once more, trying to conserve their ammo and stay in one piece to the end. It’s harder than it looks, so good luck to those ready to tackle Resident Evil 5’s extreme difficulty.

Earn Achievements and Trophies All Over Again

Even though you may have unlocked Achievements or Trophies in the original Resident Evil 5, you’ll be able to rack them up all over again in the new version, from unlocking simpler ones for each chapter completed in the game, all the way through the tougher ones, like building up trust with your partner (“Who Do You Trust?”), defeating a Majini with a rotten egg (“Egg On Your Face”) and stopping a bow gun arrow with your knife (“Be the Knife”). There are plenty to grab, and it’s a good time unlocking all of them again. 

Resident Evil 5 Looks Better Than Ever 

When it comes to the treatment of its classic games on a new console, Capcom continues to hold the gold standard with Resident Evil 5. Like a number of its other remakes, including DmC: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 6 and the forthcoming Dead Rising games, it bumps up the frame rate and the detail of RE5, making it look better than ever before. If you thought the bosses looked nasty in the older version, you haven’t seen anything yet. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how Resident Evil 4 will look on the systems when it drops later this summer.


Resident Evil 5 is Better Than Resident Evil 6

Some may argue that Resident Evil 6 set a standard for the series, but it’s reverting back to Resident Evil 5 that some players can truly appreciate. Less focus on those annoying mini-games that popped up in RE6, and more focus on dealing with all sorts of freaks, like the super-sickle grasping executioner to the African natives who will stop at nothing from mowing you down. It’s the kind of crazy atmosphere that fans really enjoyed.

Plus, the chainsaw crazies are back – and we can’t get enough of the chainsaw crazies.


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