Fishing In Hades Is My Own Personal Hell

How do I get out of here?

Zagreus, the son of Hades, is a lot of things, but a fisherman is not one of them. In a game where disappointing daddy dearest is par for the course, there’s someone I never want to disappoint, and that’s the head chef. At a later point in the game, you can purchase a fishing rod from the house contractors for those who don’t know this allows you to fish in various underworld spots and snag whatever bottom feeder is lurking in the Tartarian Depths.

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You would think fishing offers a relaxing break from continually trying to climb out of literal Hell, but it’s a new Hell all it’s own. Fishing requires a specific spot, which is noted by a glowing golden circle on the edge of the map.

Don’t be deceived by its royal sparkle though, because just like everything else in Hades, it’s not that easy. As I cast my rod into this sparkling ring soaked in the crimson red blood pool I wait to catch what waits below.

Here’s the stressful part, click the button too early or too late, you lose the fish. You can’t try again and you don’t know when the next fishing spot will turn up. My mind races as I think about how I will return to the House of Hades empty-handed for the poor Head Chef.

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The chef doesn’t have any customers in the lounge, so I imagine the only joy I can bring them is through the fish of the underworld. I’ve failed them, but more importantly, I have failed myself. Stuck in a loop, I return back into the depths of Hell with the same mission, bring back fish for the Head Chef. Clearing floor after floor of enemies always keeping an eye out for the next fishing spot.

For many people, fishing is a relaxing hobby, often depicted by people sitting on the shoreline enjoying the serene sounds of nature. Not this time though, my palm’s sweat as I cast the rod into the despair filled lava pits of Asphodel. 

Outside of merely pleasing the Head Chef, they return the favor by giving you necessary rewards like Nectar and Gemstones, which allow you to do a multitude of things.

There’s a lot on the line here, and failure simply isn’t an option. How would uncle Poseidon feel knowing his nephew can’t catch a fish? The efficient player in me wants to make sure every run is producing optimal results. Snagging as many long-term upgrades as possible and fishing is a key part of that. All of this runs through my head as I watch the screen like a hawk, waiting for the bobber to sink below the surface.

I catch a fish, I feel vindicated, but then a sense of dread washes over me. It’s not over, there are plenty of other fish in the sea of blood, and this is only the beginning. Much like Zagreus, I have my doubts that I’ll ever escape the Hell I’m stuck in. 

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