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This Final Fantasy VII Remake Cosplay Brings Aerith to Life In Stunning Detail

by Liana Ruppert

Cosplay is a unique and creative way for fans to share their love for books, games, movies, and TV shows with the world. With the Final Fantasy VII remake making all the news for its stunning beauty and new life into an old favorite, it’s no surprise that cosplayers are having a field day with the updated character designs! But one Aerith cosplayer sticks out the most and this Final Fantasy VII remake cosplay is beyond breathtaking.

The cosplayer in question goes by MidnightInteraction and she hails from Russia with her incredible design eye and fandom love. Alina’s portfolio of incredible cosplay creations is impressive spanning over many different fandoms out there. As a huge Aerith fan character-wise, her recreation of the iconic flower girl is so spot on but you can still see her own light shine through the costume.

Plus, girl, can we talk about that wig? Because wigs are not easy to style and Alina absolutely nailed it down to each curl.

From Kingdom Hearts to Attack on Titan, she’s done it all and you can support this cosplayer by checking out some of her amazing work right here through her Instagram!

Want even more incredible Final Fantasy VII Remake cosplayer? Good, because this female cosplayer’s take on Sephiroth is another one that you absolutely can’t miss if you enjoy this game and the art of this particularly passionate community!

As for the game itself, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now on PlayStation 4, though the most recent trailer for the game also hints that a PC release could be on the horizon! When you’re done drooling over this amazing Aerith Final Fantasy VII Remake cosplay, be sure to also check out our Game Hub here because we’ve got a ton of guides live now with so many more on the way!

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