Cosplay is an incredible way for fans to share their love of popular games, movies, and books into the real world. Whether it's spot-on recreations or personal creative spins, the cosplay community is beyond incredible. For those that gotta catch 'em all, one Pokemon cosplayer, in particular, brought to life an incredible Mewtwo cosplay in stunning detail and honestly? This is the content we crave! 

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Watch me get into my Mewtwo cosplay, real time was 4 minutes. Mewtwo is now super comfortable to wear and walk around in, i can put it on by myself and i have zippers in my wrists to access my hands easily. This costume gets hot quickly so be able to take it off myself is a great advantage. I do have a cooling vest for warm costumes but unfortunately it doesn't fit under Mewtwo due to the thin and tightfitting fabric. Check the Mewtwo highlight on my profile to see how I made this costume and follow my progress to complete it with the classic armor from 'Mewtwo Strikes Back' movie! I hope to bring Mewtwo and the armor to Dutch comic con in July. #cosplay #mewtwo #pokemon #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayersofig #cosplaylife #cosplaygirl #dutchcosplay #craftyourfandom #cosplayer #propmaker #pokemoncosplay #mewtwocosplay #mewtwostrikesback #nintendo #comiccon #dutchcomiccon

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The cosplayer in question goes by Willow Creative and they are a 3D artist and costume maker that is known for her incredible work bringing some of our favorite characters to life. You may also remember the name because we shared her amazing genderbend Illidan cosplay last month and we're still drooling! 

The above video clip shows off how this Mewtwo cosplay moves with the wearing and looks as comfy as she says it feels. The glowing eyes is a perfect touch as well and sticking to that classic armored look, everything is pulled together with expert craftmanship which is more than a little impressive. This is perfect for Pokemon fans both new and old! 

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"We dreamed of creating the world's most powerful Pokémon... And we succeeded." Mewtwo is finally done! I wanted to do some small revisions but in the end I nearly redid everything on the legs, improved the tail construction, the function of the led eyes and also airbrushed it very very gently to enhance some corners. Very happy! It's now super comfortable to wear and walk around in, i can put it on by myself and i have zippers in my wrists to access my hands. Only downside is its hot 🔥😂 Onto the OG mewtwo armor! #cosplay #mewtwo #pokemon #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayersofig #cosplaylife #cosplaygirl #dutchcosplay #craftyourfandom #cosplayer #propmaker #pokemoncosplay #mewtwocosplay #mewtwostrikesback #nintendo #comiccon #dutchcomiccon

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You can check out even more of her incredible work right here! Whether you want to see more of this Pokemon cosplayer in all of her Mewtwo cosplay glory or want to scope out what other franchises she has tapped into, if you're into cosplay you're definitely want to keep your eyes on this cosplayer's work! Be sure to also check out our Cosplay hub here for more incredible creations!