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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Why You Should Be Excited

by Bryan Dawson

Square’s upcoming release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has everyone talking. The long-awaited remake has been requested more than any other game in existence, and many believed it would never happen. Now that it’s not only coming, but we have a decent amount of information on the title, fans have been debating whether or not it’s what they wanted. Some fans wanted a remaster with the gameplay from the original PlayStation release and a graphical overhaul, while others wanted something completely new with a basis in Final Fantasy 7.

No matter what you wanted out of a new Final Fantasy 7 game, everyone should be excited about Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It’s the game we’ve all been asking for whether you wanted the classic turn-based combat or something more real-time. So let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should be excited about the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Full Voice Cast

Back in the days of the original PlayStation, it was rare to hear the voice of a character. Final Fantasy 7 is full of text, but you’d be hard-pressed to hear anyone actually speak. Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children offered a voice cast for many of the main characters, and most people were pleased with what they heard. For this reason Square Enix is using most of the voice cast from Advent Children to fully voice Remake. This means that every iconic scene you remember from the original game will now have the addition of voice. Final Fantasy is all about story and having a full voice cast adds to that considerably.

Stellar Graphics

When Advent Children first released, fans often debated what a game with those visuals would be like. Now they’re getting their wish and then some. The developers at Square Enix set the lowest graphical bar for Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the visuals we saw in Advent Children. That was the starting point, which means that the graphics are only getting better from here. Many of you played the Final Fantasy 15 demo and have seen what that game looks like. It’s not out of the question to expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake to look even better than that, and the developers confirmed they can improve the character model from what we’ve already seen.

More Back Story

Final Fantasy 7 is a massive game. When most people played it for the first time, they expected the game to start and end in Midgar. It was an epic moment to find out there was an entire world map beyond Midgar. When it came time to plan out Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it was clear that all of that game could not fit in a single release. The decision was made to split Final Fantasy 7 Remake into multiple episodes. However, with every episode being the size of a full game, that means we’re getting a lot more back story. We already know Episode One will feature a lot more of Biggs, Wedge and Jessie, plus more of Cloud hallucinations. The world of Final Fantasy 7 will be expanded more than ever before.

Years of Final Fantasy 7

Due to the episodic release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we’ll be seeing the game for years to come. While the first episode doesn’t have a release date, the 20th anniversary of the original release is coming up in 2017. That seems like a great time to release episode one of the Remake, but then expect at least an episode two and probably even an episode three or four. We could be playing new content in Final Fantasy 7 Remake well into the next console generation depending on the release schedule for each episode.

However you feel about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there’s a lot to look forward to. Be sure to check out new details on the world map and mini games, as well as battle system changes coming to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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