Fall Guys Theme Song, But As Acapella Beatbox

Fall Guys continues to capture our hearts but this one content creator just took the game love to an all-new level!

The Fall Guys theme song is great but have you heard it as a Capella beatbox yet? Don’t worry, fam, we’ve got you, and this video is honestly pretty darn fantastic. 

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The compilation Fall Guys theme song Acapella ala beatbox comes by way of actress Elsbeth Eastman and it’s legit. With several panels showing off several parts that make up the entire theme song, the video below we’ve already watched like 20 times and will likely watch at least 20 times more before the day is done: 

But wait, there’s more. Another musician group took to the Fall Guys theme song challenge with fervor with a harder version of the adorable-yet-hypeworthy tune and this one is probably my favorite I’ve seen thus far. The latest take comes from the band Lame Genie, a group that is known for their video game covers: 

It looks like adapting this theme song could be the next “big” internet challenge, especially as Fall Guys continues to dominate the gaming charts both on Steam and on Twitch. It’s no wonder too, this hilarious and adorable jelly bean take on battle royale blends the best of both the competitive spirit and Mario Party-esque mini-games and it’s a pure joy that we really need in 2020. 

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A lot has been happening in the world of jelly beans lately, including the latest patch that we’ve hyperlinked above. These cute not-so-little guys are also unofficially invading Dungeons & Dragons as well as a ton of new content planned on the horizon. 

What do you think about the Fall Guys theme song takes above? Spotted any other ones that you feel deserve the spotlight? Shout ’em over to us over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’re all about anything and everything Fall Guys! 

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