Fall Guys Jelly Beans Now a Playable Race In Dungeons & Dragons

One Jelly Bean to rule them all as Fall Guys invades Dungeons & Dragons as a playable race!

Fall Guys is a unique (and adorable) take on the Battle Royale genre that has quickly taken the gaming world by storm, and now these cute little jelly beans are taking over Dungeons & Dragons as well. 

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Dungeons & Dragons has had some incredible crossovers in the past thanks to fans, including our favorite one featuring the universe of Mass Effect. With Fall Guys quickly skyrocketing to one of the biggest games of this-gen, it’s no surprise that the jelly bean takeover would extend into the world of tabletop. Thanks to one fan enjoying the 5e game, players can actually become a Fall Guys jelly bean as a playable race, and honestly? This is the type of content we need in 2020. 

Fall Guys jelly beans are now a playable race in Dungeons & Dragons and this is the kind of content we need in 2020 🙏 https://t.co/4D9NiTX3LW

— Liana Ruppert (@DirtyEffinHippy) August 24, 2020

The latest addition to playable characters comes by way of Monsters of Murka creator, Jaron Johnson. For those that may not know, Monsters of Murka is a parody version of Dungeons & Dragons, a hilarious take on the tabletop adventure and even offers the chance to play as the Brobarian, because why not? 

Obviously this is a homebrew and not an official game update but it will have players take on the role of the Fallen Bean. The Fallen Bean is adept with both Acrobatics and Athletics, which makes sense given the hilarious mechanics of the Fall Guys game itself. 

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2020 may suck, but bringing in Fall Guys into the world of Dungeons & Dragons most definitely does not.  

Fall Guys is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. What do you think about Fall Guys invading the world of Dungeons & Dragons? What other homebrews would you like to see get whipped up? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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