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Fable Anniversary: The Sword of Strategia Details Released

by Prima Games Staff

Lionhead Studios and Prima Games have just released some new details about the in-game exclusive weapon available free to Fable Anniversary Prima Official Game Guide purchasers.

Name Sword of Strategia
Damage 107
Augmentation Health Augmentation 
Value 5,580 Gold
Weight Light

The Sword of Strategia delivers 107 damage, whereas typical starting light weapons range from 30-49 damage. Plus it is valuable (worth 5,580 gold) and when the Sword of Strategia is equipped, the Hero’s health will heal. Now that’s a nice sword!

Sword of Strategia 1

This highly valuable weapon is exclusively available through the official Prima guide.

Sword of Strategia 2

So, the bottom line is, if you plan to play Fable Anniversary, then you’ll want to pick up the limited edition Prima official game guide.

The Fable Anniversary Prima Official Game Guide is a limited edition hardcover book with special foil treatments and gilded pages, designed to look like the in-game book.

Fable Anniversary Guide

This guide is PACKED with bonuses: in addition to the exclusive Sword of Strategia, the guide comes with access to the digital guide on PrimaGames.com and includes a code for the encanced Prima SmartGlass experience for Fable Anniversary.

This is an official Prima game guide, so it also includes incredibly detailed maps with Silver Keys, treasure chests, Demon Doors, and points of interest revealed, an in-depth look at the creation of one of gaming’s greatest franchises, a fascinating look at the art of Fable, as well as a tantalizing glimpse at some of the stories, creatures and places developed for Fable but lost in the annals of time.

Pre-order your copy now.

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