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Fable Anniversary: How SmartGlass Works

by Prima Games Staff

By now you’ve certainly heard that Fable Anniversary will feature connectivity with the new SmartGlass app, but you may not yet know what that will mean for you and how you plan to play the game. It is actually really, really cool.

When you download the free Xbox SmartGlass app to your tablet or phone, it turns that device into a second screen that intelligently interacts with your Xbox. What does that mean for Fable Anniversary? Well, it means the SmartGlass Fable experience will show you the overhead game maps, your hero’s location on the map in real-time, locations of common chests, where Demon Doors are, and your current quest objectives.

But, it gets even cooler than that. If you get the Prima Official Fable Anniversary limited edition hardcover guide, it comes with an exclusive code that unlocks additional, bonus SmartGlass features. Not only will you be able to see your hero’s location on the map in real-time, but you will also see ALL Demon Door locations and Silver Key locations as well as all treasure chests, dig spots, and fishing spots. In addition, the enhanced SmartGlass experience will help you with expert Prima strategies along the way. Plus, you’ll get character bios and boss battle locations and stats.

Developed in conjunction with the Lionhead Studios team, the Prima SmartGlass experience for Fable Anniversary is truly a game enhancement. Imagine you are a treasure hunter and can see the locations of all the chests, keys, and doors laid out on the map for you. Don’t pretend you don’t want that!

The Fable Anniversary Prima Official Game Guide is a limited edition hardcover book with special foil treatments and gilded pages. It is a thing of beauty and something all true Fable fans will cherish, as the design is based on the in-game book.

The guide gives you a FREE in-game exclusive weapon, the “Sword of Strategia”, so you can truly feel like a hero. Plus, you will also get the bonus digital guide on PrimaGames.com as well as the SmartGlass code (and now you know how awesome that is).

This is an official Prima game guide, so it also includes incredibly detailed maps with Silver Keys, treasure chests, Demon Doors, and points of interest revealed, an in-depth look at the creation of one of gaming’s greatest franchises, a fascinating look at the art of Fable, as well as a tantalizing glimpse at some of the stories, creatures and places developed for Fable but lost in the annals of time.

If you are a Fable fan and if you plan to play Fable Anniversary, this guide is a must-own, so get it now.

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