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Everything You Need to Know About Destiny: The Dark Below

by Prima Games Staff

Bungie generated plenty of hype with Destiny, and along with it, millions of registered players. Between its addictive single player campaign and multiplayer support, both competitive and co-op, gamers discovered plenty to like about this gorgeous FPS.

Next week, the developer will release downloadable content called The Dark Below. With it, players will be able to experience new story quests and missions as they attempt to overtake a dangerous new enemy on the moon, along with three additional multiplayer arenas, and the ability to take part in a new Strike and Raid.

The introduction of new Legendary gear will likely pull people in, including increased Attack and Defense values, as well as the use of Ascendant Materials so they can be upgraded properly. However, Bungie assured fans this will not produce the ultimate weapons in the game, as certain Raid gear and Exotics will continue to be the most highly regarded.

That’s because Exotics will have their own upgrade system, with Xur offering a number of increases to certain weapon values. However, you’ll have your hands on an Exotic Shard to complete the trade, so make sure you track that down before the new expansion drops.

Let’s talk multiplayer. Three new arenas were added to the list, including Pantheon, Skyshock and The Cauldron. Here’s how they break down:

Pantheon: You’ll fight through the torn-apart innards of the Black Garden on Mars, exploring an ancient temple. You’ll need to work your way through these peril-filled halls as you try to lock down three open lanes for combat. That won’t be easy, as enemies will pour into these areas guns blazing. This map will support all of Destiny’s modes.

Skyshock: A bigger external arena, Skyshock seems like a great place to get your combat fix, both on foot and in vehicles. This opens up the opportunity to battle on the ground, while those who prefer long-range sniping will find plenty of spots to do just that. This map supports Control and Clash in a 6 vs. 6 shootout.

The Cauldron: Finally, players will experience this abandoned Hive ritual site in all its splendor, with plenty of dark surroundings and tiny hallways. Taking point on the central chamber is your best bet, as most teams will work their way to that location, allowing you to rack up the kills. This map supports all modes.

As part of this expansion to the Crucible, Bungie will add two additional competitive playlists that will change Directors week over week, so subtle changes can be made to multiplayer match-ups. Fans shouldn’t worry about their older, favorite arenas being fazed out, as Bungie will keep them in the rotation.

Regarding the Raid, players will make their way to Crota’s End. This new addition will feature a larger amount of loot dropped than in previous raids, providing players a better opportunity to score exclusive gear. In addition, more perks will be available with particular weapons, although Bungie hasn’t detailed specifically which ones yet. Also, players who don’t want weapons have the option to drop them and pick up Radiant materials, which in turn can be used to upgrade acquired and previously owned Raid gear to make it more efficient in battle. It all sounds quite technical, but the bottom line is that you’ll be able to clean up like crazy and make yourself a more powerful soldier in the long run – and that’s what counts, especially when you’re jumping into the Crucible.

With the Strike mission, you’ll work your way deep into the Cosmodrone, where you’ll face off against Omnigul and her forces. She’s a devastating foe working to build upon an already massive Hive army, in the hopes of pleasing her master, Crota. This could lead to a rather large invasion of Earth, so of course, you and your Fireteam will want to jump in and clean house. Considering the difficulty that comes with this new mission, it’s highly advised that you make sure you have some quality guns on hand, and that you don’t tackle it solo. Not unless you like dying a lot.

Finally, there are the new story missions and quests. While Bungie hasn’t gone into much detail, it did confirm that a new character named Eris will be introduced. Eris is one of the few remaining remnants from a previous invasion by the Hive, and warns of the uprising of Crota and a possible Earth invasion, as mentioned above. You’ll need to work with her to complete three new story missions, along with a number of side quests. Once these are finished, she’ll provide access to the new weapons needed to take the war to Omnigul. We suggest tackling these first before jumping into the Strike.

Overall, this expansion pack sounds loaded with content, with hours’ worth of missions to complete, as well as new elements for multiplayer. Not only that, but you’ll be able to earn some sweet equipment that will come in handy when fighting off the devastating forces of Omnigul and the Hive. Plus, you’ll be able to earn new rank commendations (including Crucible and Vanguard), as well as tooling with Legendary and Exotic weaponry to see what they’re really capable of.

PlayStation owners will also get access to a new Strike called the Undying Mind, where various challenges await; along with a four-barrel shotgun simply known as The Fourth Horseman. It’s definitely one you’ll want to add to your arsenal.

Destiny: The Dark Below releases this Tuesday for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It will cost $19.99, or free with the Season Pass.

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