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Everything we Know (So Far) About the Next Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki

by Lucas White

If you’re a JRPG afficianado in North America, you’ve probably been paying attention to Falcom. The studio behind Ys is also behind the Legend of Heroes series. While LoH has been around forever, it really came into its own with Trails in the Sky, which led to Trails of Cold Steel. That six-game epic has finally concluded, and a new story is set to begin in 2021. Here’s what we know so far about Kuro no Kiseki, or Trails of Black (roughly).

Everything we Know (So Far) About the Next Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki

Kuro no Kiseki is holding a lot on its figurative shoulders. For starters, Kuro is the title chosen to commemorate the series’ 40th anniversary. It’s kicking off the, according to Falcom, next half of the Trails series. That’s the back half of a series that’s already nine games deep! Kuro no Kiseki introduces new characters, a new geographical region, significant changes to gameplay and a brand new engine.


Setting is arguably the most important part of these things. So far, Trails fans have stepped foot in Liberl, Crossbell and the Erebonian Empire. Kuro is set in the Calvard Republic, not too long after the events in Cold Steel. According to official information dropped so far, Calvard is in the midst of a boom due to post-war reparation payments from Erebonia. However, turmoil is brewing over immigration policies.


The main character, Van, is a “Spriggan,” which seems to be some kind of odd job deal popular in the area. Naturally, a job Van takes on ends up intersecting with bigger things at play, and that’s when the JRPG part gets rolling. Combat is in real time, and begins seamlessly when you encounter a monster. Players can toggle between characters, as well as initiate a “command” mode similar to the ATB in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Check it out:

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More detailed information has been trickling out on Kuro no Kiseki as recently as this week, outlining more of the playable cast, the game’s scenario and what the gameplay is like. There’s an official site (in Japanese) you can take a look at, but if Kuro no Kiseki makes its 2021 target it’ll only be a matter of time before we hear from NIS America about a localization.

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