EA Sports UFC 2014 First Look

There's a time to talk, and there's a time to fight. Guess what time it is.

Following a series of enjoyable releases through the now-defunct THQ, the Ultimate Fighting Championship League – or UFC for short – made waves a while back by announcing a partnership with EA Sports on a whole new fighting experience. This year, we’ll finally see it happen when UFC 2014 makes its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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We’ve only seen bits and pieces of the game thus far, but it’s coming together nicely. Not only will Sony and Microsoft’s hardware produce some unbelievably realistic fighters, but it will also introduce fighting dynamics true to the sport.

For instance, striking will play a big part in the game, just as it does in any UFC fight. When a player manages to get a well-timed shot in on their opponent, it’ll show, as it leaves them staggered. At this point, you can either move in with a few more strikes, or get the opponent on the ground and try to “finish him off” with ground-and-pound tactics; or if you prefer, a submission hold to make them tap out.

The development team, who previously showed their savvy with its Fight Night games, worked feverishly to capture the essence of UFC fights through True Player Motion. That means fighters react similarly to their real life counterparts and weight classes. You won’t see a middleweight like Cung Le do something that heavyweight Junior dos Santos would do. Each fighter has his own adaptive fighting style, whether it’s punches, kicks or submission(s).

Yes, submissions will play a big part in UFC 2014, just as they did in the Unleashed games. It’s a matter of getting your opponent in the right grip for an armbar or some other submission move, either forcing them to scramble to get out of the hold or tapping out. Sometimes it can be an uphill struggle getting them in the right spot, but that’s just the name of the game with UFC. Expect plenty of close contests with submission masters.

In addition to True Player Motion, fighters also utilize other things to round out there experience. With Full Body Deformer and Real-Time Exertion, you see where an opponent gets worn out over the course of a fight, opening up the opportunity to make them submit even faster. For instance, if they become weakened in the arms from swinging too many times or taking crucial hits, you can use that to your advantage for an armbar.

The game also uses a Human Intelligence system, dubbed MMAi (get it?), which allows fighters to react to different situations. For instance, if someone feels like they’re about to be cornered by the side of a cage, or possibly trapped in a submission scenario, they’ll slowly work their way out of it unless you stay on the offensive. Likewise, if they see you defending too often in one spot, they could strike at another opening, leaving you winded. It’s a matter of standing your ground.

If you prefer, you can also take on a friend in battles, although EA Sports hasn’t divulged full multiplayer details yet. If we know the company, however, it should no doubt be a huge part of the game. Who knows – it may even introduce fighting leagues, similar to the ones we saw in the Unleashed games.

So far, only a small portion of the game’s fighting roster has been revealed, but numerous brawlers in the Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Flyweight and Bantamweight divisions will be available. Whether you prefer swinging with a legend like Georges St-Pierre or letting fools have it with the powerful fists of Jon “Bones” Jones, there are no shortage of fighters.

UFC 2014 will also introduce a female presence to the game for the first time. Although only two bantamweight fighters have been unveiled thus far – fan favorite Ronda Rousey and the powerful Miesha Tate – more are likely to be added before the game’s final release. Here’s hoping fighting legend Gina Carano makes the trip down the road – her in-ring dominance continues to resonate, even while she’s off on her acting career.

More UFC details will be available in the weeks ahead, leading up to the game’s release later this spring. You can expect quite the unprecedented brawling experience, as only EA Sports can deliver. Be sure to check back for fighting tips, roster suggestions and more as we get ready to rumble.

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