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E3 2021 Worst Case Scenarios: What Could Go Wrong?

by Lucas White

You’ve seen our realistic and probably cynical predictions. You’ve seen our hype train-fueling wishlist. Now it’s time for our greatest fears. It’s easy to be a little hyperbolic about E3, especially since making jokes is a time-honored tradition. But what are we actually afraid of? What corporate blunders are right around the corner, one wrong move away from ruining the fun for us?

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This is our list of E3 2021 Worst Case Scenarios. This is for when you head towards E3 or fire up that livestream channel and think, “what could possibly go wrong?” It would probably take a lot to really ruin E3 for us, so you might want to brace yourselves, readers. This could be like looking into the jaws of videogame nightmares come to life. Or, you know, we’re just being stupid.


Well, E3 always manages to produce some awkward, cringeworthy content and with so many showcases planned this year we’ll see more of this awkwardness than usual. It’s also worth noting this is only the second year they’re doing all of this virtually. 

Last year was exhausting, and while this year seems more structured, it could be just as exhausting in the end. Especially if nothing big gets announced, or too much gets announced in an overwhelming, abrupt way. Doubt that’ll happen, but hey I have anxiety so I’m always thinking of worst case scenarios.

Speaking of worst case scenarios, I may throw some shade here, but another thing that could go wrong is the ESA could “leak” out people’s personal info and addresses again. After all, they’re asking for media registration again which includes personal info so… yeah. Hopefully no repeats of 2019’s leak out here in 2021.

Art... When I Feel Like It — aenex: noctis… TWO!!! Add a face tattoo,  take...


Honestly, with any sort of live or digital showcase, there are 1,000 different things that could go wrong. The ESA manages to really step it up every year to figure out some new way for things to go awry. 

At the best, we get some moments like Mr. Caffeine from Ubisoft 2011 or Peggle 2 guy. Worst case the ESA leaks all of our info. 

However, with this *Web Portal* I’d love to see some people make wild avatars that make it feel like some sort of Second Life experience. Hell, maybe the public will even go horny on main and really makes this year weird. 

Just keep my personal information out of it and we’re good, but I know that’s a big ask from the ESA.



I’m with Jesse on being worried about this E3 web portal business. With so little information, press side or otherwise, I’m predicting a server overload nobody could possibly prepare for. But who knows, maybe it’ll all work out.

As far as the event itself, I think the worst case scenario is definitely release date driven. So many games have already been pushed to 2022, and only a handful have done so publicly. How many new trailers are we gonna get that just show us logos or vague windows? Or how many games that we know about just quietly won’t appear at all?

Also, I’ve seen some wacky, embarassing stuff in-person at E3. How will that translate to the online version, if at all? People literally dance for t-shirts sometimes… what if there’s that, but with webcams? Wht if the webcam feed is everywhere and you can’t turn it off? What if I get messages from people asking me to buy Gushers in-between every virtual booth visit?

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I hate to say it, but I’m fortunate to have missed the last few E3 events it seems. No doxxing for me! I can’t say I’m surprised that’s on peoples’ minds though, because that was a nasty thing that happened. Hopefully this year will be a smooth as possible, at least for the media folks trying to get through it and do their jobs. For the fans in attendance? Well, regular E3 was kind of a nightmare for those folks in the first place. So I’m assuming y’all are more prepared than anyone else for shenanigans. But it does look like, besides that, we’re still all on board with being excited about the events and content of E3, even if the stuff surrounding it can be a pain in the ass.

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