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E3 2014: Best First Person Shooters

by Prima Games Staff

We always have time to play first-person shooters, and the newest games are on full display at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2014). Bungie brought Destiny, much to the delight of thousands of showgoers, but then we also have old mainstays like Halo and Far Cry. Which FPS games are the best? Here they are in no random order. In the meantime, be sure to pre-order through your favorite retailer. You’ll thank us later. 

Far Cry 4 

After years of exploring tropical islands, we’re ready to visit the Himalayas in the latest chapter of Ubisoft’s awesome franchise. What’s new? Two-person co-op, for starters, and PlayStation owners don’t need to own two copies of the game to play. Helicopters? Rampaging elephants? This is the sort of open world sandbox we can’t wait to explore, filled with a variety of explosive possibilities.  


Play Destiny long enough and you’ll pick up subtle nods to the Halo franchise, from some of the weapons to the character designs. No big surprise, since Bungie gave birth to the Halo universe. Thankfully, this new first person adventure stands on its own, with co-op, deep character customization and the sort of rich lore that is one of the developer’s pedigrees. Even better, you can pick up the game this fall as part of a sweet bundle that includes a white PlayStation 4. We’re sold. 

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

It didn’t take long for Microsoft to bring Master Chief to Xbox One, and what a grand entrance he’ll make! You get Halo 1-4 on a single disc, along with special access to the Halo 5: Guardians beta. Not only can you play these four games out of sequence (or from start to finish), but also check out custom playlists that let you experience the best moments from the series. Want to play all the tank levels back to back? No problem. Prefer to only fight the Flood? Go right ahead. Play the Master Chief saga your way. It’s brilliant. 


If you prefer new IP, how about this frag fest from Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios. Four heavily-armed players go in search of the ultimate predator that just so happens to be another gamer. The monster may stand over 20 feet tall, but it can take advantage of the environment to destroy its pursuers. The result is one of the most intense and scary games we’ve played. You’ll have a blast coordinating with friends, hatching a plan and taking down the monster. Conversely, you’ll also delight in picking off your prey until there’s one person left, whereupon which you’ll crush the poor gamer with your Cthulhu inspired beastie.   

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  

Activision and Sledgehammer Games showed the world why CoD is the top dog in the first person genre. After several years of dominance, the series had to evolve in the face of such competition like Titanfall. Super sonic shotguns, infrared grenades, spider tanks, laser guns? We can’t wait to deploy drones and jump boost across the multiplayer maps. Watch the trailer, and yes, Advanced Warfare looks this good. 

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