Doom First Look – Drag Us to Hell

With a large array of weapons and over the top brutality, id Software’s classic returns bigger than ever.

If a video game series like Wolfenstein can make a comeback, why not Doom? Over the past year, Bethesda and the developers at Machine Games proved a classic can live on with the right team behind it, with 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order and this year’s Wolfenstein: The Old Blood released to rave reviews. Thankfully the publisher will work its magic yet again, teaming with id Software for the return of Doom. 

Initially revealed last year at QuakeCon, the Doom revival excited us for multiple reasons, and upon seeing it in person, we can’t wait to wrap our hands around some controllers. The sheer intensity the series became famous for the 90s returns in full force, as you take on a demon army with every weapon you can lay your hands on, ranging from an old-school double-barrel shotgun to a chainsaw to slice through an opponent, even as the creature tries to block the impact with its arms.

The first thing players will notice about the reboot is the impressive visuals, whether you’re running through a demon-plagued space station on Mars or taking the fight to the monsters’ home court in Hell. There’s plenty of room in each stage, using your double jump ability to reach new heights, where you’ll find power-ups like health refills and new weapons. 

The demo features plenty of action, with the hero turning each creature into a pile of guts and limbs. The shotgun seems like the most effective weapon for the job, as a well-timed blast sends enemies to a permanent grave. The assault rifle is equally effective, along with the plasma cannon, which produces pulse-like blasts from the original game. Of course, the BFG made an appearance, albeit briefly at the end, as our hero squared off against a gigantic demon. 

Doom’s most visceral moments, however, did not feature a firearm. Instead, picking up the chainsaw provides ample opportunity to rip an enemy to shreds, as you feel every second of impact as it gnaws through their body, eventually ripping them in two. Even cooler, the death animations look different almost every time depending on point of impact. 

Then we have melee kills. When a foe is low on health, it will first glow orange, out of your range. As you get closer, it’ll become a white-ish glow, and you’ll be able to initiate a number of melee kills, from stomping their head in to force-feeding them one of their own power generators (and making them explode). These moves prove invaluable when you’re low on ammo and struggling to survive; pick up additional health icons in case you need a boost. 

The variety of enemies you’ll face in Doom reflects the PC original, starting with grunts that mindlessly come running at you. Eventually you face off gun-carrying freaks, and soon, bigger foes with greater firepower and better shielding, requiring you to use a stronger weapon like the rocket launcher to finish them off. Although we didn’t see too much variety, the final game will have plenty of Hell’s minions to deal with.

On top of that, multiplayer will play a key role in the game. Doom will have a variety of options available, but one cool new feature is being able to briefly transform into an unstoppable demon and run through a stage, along with increased firepower. Good luck bringing that person down.

Finally, for those who enjoy mods, Bethesda and id have you covered. The Doom SnapMap is an online-driven feature where players can change around features in their modes, whether they prefer old-fashioned four-versus-four play or a number of other variations. After that, they can share it with the community and see what else is available for download. We only saw bits and pieces of this during the demo presentation, but it looks promising.

Yes, Doom is back – and thus far it looks incredible. We’ll have a deeper look at the game soon, and give you a better idea of what kind of amazing hell ride you’re in for when spring 2016 arrives.

Now see the Doom reboot in action!

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