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DOA5 Last Round Battle Royal Details

by Bryan Dawson

If you haven’t been keeping up with the competitive fighting game scene, Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja have announced the Dead or Alive Battle Royal 2015 tournament series. The Battle Royal a series of 11 qualifying tournaments leading up to a Grand Final event. The tournament dates and locations can be found on Team Ninja’s website.

Six players from the qualifying tournaments will receive complementary travel, lodging and tournament entry fees to the Grand Final. These six players will include the first place finishers from four of the qualifying tournaments that are uniquely designated. The last two spots are reserved for the two highest scoring finishers at the end of the 11-tournament qualifying season.

Points are earned by placing within the top eight at any of the 11 qualifying tournaments. The point totals of the four players who win the specially designated tournaments will be removed from the running so that no one player can earn two trips to the Grand Finals. Of note, the Summer Jam 9 qualifier is considered a premier event, which will award double the points of any other qualifier.

Placement Normal Qualifier Summer Jam 9
1st 10 Points 20 Points
2nd 8 Points 16 Points
3rd 6 Points 12 Points
4th 4 Points 8 Points
5th (tie) 2 Points 4 Points
7th (tie) 1 Point 2 Points

The first event in the DOA Battle Royal takes place this weekend at Winter Brawl 9 in Philadephia, PA.