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DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition – How to Use the Osiris

by Prima Games Staff

When it came out a couple of years ago, DmC Devil May Cry put a new twist on a familiar franchise, thanks to the skilled development team at Ninja Theory. Now the game returns better than ever with the Definitive Edition, which is available this week. With it, players will experience Dante’s latest adventure like never before, mastering his abilities in the best way possible.

One of those abilities is the Osiris, a scythe-like weapon that he’ll pick up while exploring his parents’ home in the second stage. It’s weaker than the demonic Arbiter, but more effective when it comes to chaining together combos.

Here are some tips when it comes to mastering the Osiris.

The Basics

When you first pick up the Osiris, you’ll have access to two kinds of attacks.

The first allows you to put together a ground combo, which you can combine with your Rebellion sword, as well as your Ebony & Ivory pistols. It has great range when you put these together, as you can hit enemies both in front and behind you. However, it has little effect on enemies carrying shields, in which case you’ll want to use the Arbiter first to break them apart, then switch back to the Osiris to finish them off.

As for the second style of attack, it’s an air launch technique that sends foes flying, as you spin the Osiris in a circular fashion, hitting them multiple times. This is a great balancer when it comes to keeping an enemy from hitting the ground, and gives you just enough time to launch yourself so you can strike them and eventually send their body plummeting back to the Earth.

It’s best to use ground attacks to weaken a creature, then send them flying into the air with your spin and kill it before it lands. These can be combined together with your Rebellion to create nasty combos, so be sure to experiment. Don’t forget about the Arbiter, which we’ll cover in greater detail tomorrow.

Leveling Up

There are different areas in which you can level up your Osiris capabilities, but here are the first few that you’ll want to increase.

Shredder: This lets you continue to spin the Osiris after you launch an enemy into the air. It’s a great technique against weaker foes, as you can pick most of them off. Just watch out for their allies, though, as they can hit you from behind.

Hanger: This technique allows you to hit multiple enemies at once, juggling them in the air and giving you the option to either shoot or strike them once they’re flying. It’s up to you how you want to finish them off.

Raze: With this, you can lift Dante into the air, along with nearby enemies, throwing off their attacks and instantly setting them up for a mid-air combo. By increasing the strength of Rake, you achieve better range.

Rake: Prefer to use an old-fashioned method for launching enemies? With Rake, you can grab a single foe and fling them into the air. This is good if you need to clear the playing field, although not as effective as Raze. Leveling it up will also provide greater range.

Streak: In the mood for a good lunge? This attack lets you move forward with a sweeping spin, hitting multiple enemies at once. If you increase the strength of this attack, you’ll be able to increase your lunge distance, hitting more enemies along the way.

Feed: Finally, this is the mother load of attacks for the Osiris, as you can hit enemies using your built-up devil energy simply by executing a number of continuous attacks. Once you purchase this, you can also increase its power for greater damage bonus – level two will increase it, but level three will maximize it.

The Angel Lift

In addition, using the Osiris’ grapple technique is a great way to move around, provided there’s a light blue orb for you to grapple onto, or at the very least a nearby enemy. Hold down the left trigger and hit either the X button or Square button, depending on your system of choice.

Finally, don’t forget you can use the Angel Lift to get out of a tight situation, like if a chainsaw-carrying freak is too fast to avoid on the ground.

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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