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The Division – Best Class Skills

by Bryan Dawson

In our article covering what was missing from The Division Beta we discussed the limited number of skills, perks, talents and mods available. That will all change when The Division releases on March 8, 2016 so we thought it was time to give you a little advantage and cover some of the best skills we’re currently aware of. Some of this may change in the month leading up to release, but it should be pretty accurate barring a day-one patch or something similar.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the skill system works in The Division, be sure to check out our article covering that topic. For now we’ll give you a quick rundown of the system. There are three categories of skills, Medical, Tech and Security. Medical skills are support oriented, Tech leads to increased damage and Security offers more defensive skills.

Medical Skills

First Aid – If you’re looking to offer support to your squad, First Aid is a good place to start. This is your basic healing skill that you can target directly at an ally and heal in a radius around you or the target. This skill can be modded to revive downed allies, give targets an over-shield if their health is full or even increase their damage output in addition to healing.

Support Station – The Support Station is essentially the next step up from First Aid. It drops a device that heals and revives any nearby allies. You can modify the skill to automatically revive downed allies within range, remove status ailments, or even replenish ammunition and lower the cooldowns of their own skills.

Tech Skills

Turret – The main advantage of a Turret is that it can protect you and your team in the Dark Zone when you’re waiting at an extraction point. It doesn’t work as well when you’re more mobile (in which case the Sticky Bomb is the better choice), but it’s great when you need to defend a specific location, which is what you’ll be doing frequently in the Dark Zone.

Seeker Mine – This one is almost like a step up from the Sticky Bomb. The mine is automated and seeks out any hostile target nearby and explodes when it gets close. This is a great skill to have in the midst of a fire fight as most enemies will be focused on you and your team, ignoring the Seeker Mine until it’s too late.

Security Skills

Smart Cover – Taking cover is a big part of The Division. Smart Cover reinforces your cover location, while increasing your damage output and lowering enemy damage for you and any allied party members behind you. This is ideal because it lowers the amount of damage your party takes while increase your own damage output. You get the best of both worlds so long as your team stays behind you.

Survivor Link – This Signature Skill takes up a separate slot from your two primary skills. When used it increases damage resistance and speed for any nearby allies. This is basically the best defensive skill you can get for all practical purposes and should be used when your team needs to make a quick escape or chase down hostiles.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the skills, talents, perks and mods for each class as The Division release date approaches. For now, be sure to check out what was missing from the Beta!

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