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Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter’s Guide

by Prima Games Staff

This week marks the arrival of Disney Infinity 3.0, the game heavily based on the Star Wars universe. Similar to previous games in the series, there are a variety of options available when it comes to playing, whether it’s enjoying pre-built levels that tie into the campaign mode, or making your own through the expansive Toy Box.

This starter’s guide walks you through the Disney Infinity basics. 

Getting Started 

If you’re new to the Disney Infinity universe, there are certain components you’ll need to get started – and most of them are included in the Twilight of the Republic Starter Pack. It comes with the game, the interactive toy portal that plugs into your game console, two figurines and the plastic playset itself. 

You’ll put the figurines on the portal, with the plastic playset in the center (to activate the world). The game supports up to two players, so feel free to pick and choose the characters you want in the game. Note: some playsets support particular types of characters, like Guardians of the Galaxy working with Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, and so on. However, they all work in the Toy Box mode. 

The two figures that come with the playset – Ahoska and Anakin Skywalker (from Star Wars: The Clone Wars) – will work right away. However, you can use others sold separately, including Yoda, Darth Maul and other Star Wars favorites. The game also supports older figures, like the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron set, which will work with a variety of Disney Infinity 2.0 characters. There are other figures as well that operate specifically with the Toy Box, such as Tron’s Quorra and Mickey Mouse. This should be noted on the packaging, so you’ll know exactly where you can use them. 

Discs provide you with power-ups. They can be randomized depending on the picture printed on the disc and the interactivity with certain characters. These are usually sold in packs so you can mix and match with different discs to see what kind of results you can produce. In addition, you can open up new elements in the Toy Box with certain discs, along with unlocking content by finding pieces strewn throughout each game world.

Check the official Disney Infinity website for official compatibility details.

Making Things in the Toy Box

Along with the single player missions, there are also a variety of options available in the Toy Box, where players build their own worlds. 

The best way to jump into the Toy Box is with a few unlocked pieces; it’ll take time to make giant levels. That said, it never hurts to experiment and see what you can build – along with what you can unlock during the story missions. 

These creation tools are easy to use, as you can switch between objects with the push of a button and see what best fits particular levels. In addition, you’ll occasionally be able to call upon helpers to assist you with building items, little gnome-like figures who don’t mind toiling away. 

Finally, be sure to check for downloadable Toy Box offerings. With so many savvy builders putting together worlds, Disney is likely to support this feature with free downloads, allowing you to expand what’s available. By taking advantage of this, you’re likely to be inspired.

Prepare for Expansions 

Along with the core Twilight of the Republic playset, Disney will release other sets that allow you to tackle new missions and earn more items for your Toy Box. They include a throwback to the classic Star Wars trilogy (Rise Against the Empire), the Avengers: Age of Ultron playset, a set based on Disney Pixar’s Inside Out film (complete with all five emotional characters) and a set based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, although it’s currently shrouded in mystery. 

In addition, the following modes will eventually release for the Toy Box.

The first is Toybox Takeover, which works similar to the previously introduced Escape From the Kyln that released last year alongside the Marvel playset. In it, you’ll work through several worlds, battling the evil Syndrome while avoiding getting swallowed by the powerful Void. Throughout this mode, you’ll encounter a number of villains from Disney games and the Star Wars universe. 

What’s great about this mode is that you can use any character from the series, so you can mix and match various types and see how they fare against enemies. Imagine pitting Darth Maul against Darth Vader! This set should retail for $19.99 once it releases. 

The other playset is Toybox Speedway, which works similar to the Mario Kart games. Players can use any figurine in the Disney Infinity universe to race with, taking part in various Cups while challenging opponents on three tracks apiece. In addition, there are also Time Trial races, as well as a freestyle stunt arena, where you can goof around and perform tricks. This mode will cost $19.99 as well, and currently doesn’t have a release date. We expect to see it before the holidays. 

New learn more about the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0 playsets!

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