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Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Last year, Disney Interactive brought Disney Infinity to the masses, providing new ways for players to experience magic with a number of familiar characters, from Wreck-It Ralph to Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. With the sequel, Disney expands upon the theme even further with the Marvel Universe, with characters from The Avengers, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Similar to last year’s game, players control who enters and leaves these environments at will, thanks to figurines they place onto a portal plugged into the game console. In addition, along with working their way through pre-designed levels, creative minds can also put together their own stages in the Toy Box mode and then share their creations with others via download.

On that note, we have some Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes tips that will help you get started in this brave new world, so suit up and prepare to explore.

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Complete as many missions as you can for XP

Upon arriving in your chosen game world (depending what you purchased – the Avengers play set comes with the Starter Kit), the first thing you’ll want to do is look for missions. While exploration plays a huge part in the game, along with opening up bonus items that you can use in Toy Box mode, the missions provide two advantages.

First, by completing said missions, which range from escorting a bus full of innocent people to tracking down Loki’s forces as they wreak havoc in the city, you’ll earn additional XP. This is useful when it comes to unlocking new goodies in the Toy Box, if you don’t already find enough of the red toy capsules littered throughout each stage.

Second, you’ll get a feel for how the game works by completing missions. Whether on foot or using some form of vehicle (with certain characters, like Nick Fury and Black Widow), additional missions will open up that will allow you to see other parts of a level. This introduces even more opportunities to explore, as well as hidden items that you can add to your Toy Box collection.

Missions are easy to find on the radar. Look for indicators pointing where they’re located and make your way over. There’s no time limit, so feel free to run around a bit.

How to use Vehicles in Disney Infinity 2.0

When it comes to traveling, you may notice that it takes a while to get places on foot. Luckily, some characters can move around with ease via flight, including Thor (who utilizes Mjolnir to swoop through the skies), Spider-Man (who uses webs) and Iron Man (his jet packs help him fly around with no problem). Others, however, have to stick with more traditional vehicles.

For Black Widow and other agents, your best bet is the motorcycle, which unlocks right from the start. You can pick these up at S.H.I.E.L.D. locations highlighted on your map, so run over and call one down. They appear instantaneously, so you won’t have to wait too long to hit the road.

In addition to faster maneuverability, vehicles also come with weapons – and they can pack a punch when  facing a bunch of enemies. While ground combat is mostly suitable for fending them off, the motorcycle can blast grenade-like projectiles that destroy enemies with a couple of well-timed shots. You may need to back up a bit to get the aim just right, but you’ll find these blasts are useful when it comes to decimating them quickly.

That said, be careful while on an escort mission. Hunting certain enemies instead of keeping tabs on your protection target could result in him or her taking too much damage, thus failing the mission. Always keep this person in sight.

Upgrade your hero or villain’s Skill Tree

When you first begin a game of Disney Infinity 2.0, you’ll find that your character has some basic – but good – skills to his or her credit, like Iron Man and his ground combos, or Black Widow’s penchant for using twin laser blasters.

However, as you level up in the game, you’ll unlock Skill Points that you can then turn around into your character’s Skill Tree. Each character’s Tree is rather large, with over 30 spaces to unlock, making him or her more powerful in the process. You’ll have a lot to achieve over the course of the game, and the more you complete, the better you become.

Start off with a basic skill that you feel best suits your character. Want him or her to be more powerful in combat? Unlock a new technique or make them stronger. Prefer to be a little bit faster in the city? Go for a speed unlock. There are various choices available, and more open up with each new sector you unlock in the Skill Tree.

Play around with different characters

While sticking with one given character in Disney Infinity 2.0 is hardly a bad thing, remember that experimentation is key. The basic set comes with three figures, each with their own special techniques – Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. You can add others as well, and purchase individual play sets to open up new worlds, such as Spider-Man’s New York City or the galactic territory that the Guardians of the Galaxy visit; we’ll cover these later this week.

It never hurts to try a new character, especially when your older one is down for the count and trying to recover. This gives you the convenience of avoiding a previous checkpoint and continuing on with someone new. You can take one character off and replace him or her right on the portal, without the need to start the game over again. Go ahead and experiment. That’s why all these figures were made in the first place. 

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