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Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Guardians of the Galaxy Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Guardians of the Galaxy cleaned up in theaters, making over $600 million worldwide and creating a popular new franchise for the team at Marvel Studios. That said, it’s no surprise that Avalanche Software and Disney Interactive opted to include it in the recently released Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes.

When picking up the play set (which sells for $35), players will be able to experience fun intergalactic action with Star-Lord and Gamora. For good measure, they can also purchase figures of Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot if they wish to expand their adventures.

Knowhere has a vast world to explore, but we have you covered with some tips that will help you get around with ease.

Choosing the right character

Each of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters have something special to offer, between Groot’s ability to utilize his limbs to strike enemies both up close and from afar, and Drax’s powerful combat techniques. However, when you first get started, there’s an ideal choice for the job, Star-Lord.

This helmet-wearing hero is a good well-rounded character. Not only do his pistols pack a punch when it comes to destroying enemies, but he’s also quick when it comes to effective combo attacks. For good measure, he can travel great distances with his jumps, thanks to his rocket boots. This is especially helpful when getting around the higher areas of Knowhere, as a poorly timed jump can easily bring you back down to the main level, forcing you to start over. 

After you get used to Star-Lord, go ahead and experiment with other characters to see what they bring to the table.

Fuel Pods are quite handy

Each of the Guardians characters can pack a punch with their combination of combo attacks and long-range weapons, but in some situations, like facing off against a large spaceship, you need something stronger. Thankfully, this is where Fuel Pods come into play.

Fuel Pods are introduced near the start of the level, highlighted by a pick-up point by a side of boxes after you make your way past the spinning fan and the first couple of ramps. Simply go over to it and pick up a Fuel Pod, then use it to unleash an explosive surprise on your enemies.

One thing, though – the Fuel Pods have limited range. That’s why it’s helpful to aim first, pressing the left trigger to align your target, then throwing by pressing the right trigger. You might also want to get closer to some targets, like the spaceship, to effectively hit them. Not too close, mind you – that may result in you taking damage.

Fuel Pods are also useful for activating booster-like switches located later on in the level. By aiming and throwing one into the center of its core (it’s easy, since your cursor locks onto it), you can activate the power and then flip a switch to get through a doorway or activate a secondary turret. There’s always some generator point nearby, and Fuel Pods are limitless.

Make Sure You Open Containers

Littered throughout each stage are little storage containers. They vary in size, some flat and thin, others small and round. These may look like part of the décor, but you can break them open. In fact, you’re encouraged to, as they contain experience points that you can use to purchase new items for the Toy Box, and earn additional currency for your Skill Tree.

No one will chew you out for breaking them open, although someone might complain in the background if you’re on a mission and taking your sweet time destroying stuff. No matter – it’ll pay off in the end, and there are no time limits, so feel free to wreck things in Knowhere.

Look For Collectible Tokens

Finally, be on the lookout for collectible tokens throughout Knowhere. These are fun little collectibles that provide you with additional items within the Marvel universe, whether you’re playing around in the Toy Box or one of the game’s other modes.

These tokens are moderately easy to find, either located on isolated ramps outside of the main walkway or floating above crates stacked on top of each other. Even if it appears that a token is outside your reach, keep looking around – there’s a way to reach it.

Don’t be afraid to explore. You can always go back to mission markers later (again, no time limits) and wander off to a side area containing a token, or at the very least, more XP to unlock toys in the Toy Box. Even when there’s an invasion happening, there’s plenty of time to reward yourself.

Happy hunting – and remember, I am Groot!

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