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Did Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Meet Your Expectations?

by Prima Games Staff

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After weeks of speculation, Activision and Bungie officially laid out the details for Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below. We’ll refrain from listing the particulars; you can read about the new missions and Crucible arenas in this story. Rather, we want to know what you think. 

We may not have concrete stats, but lots of people continue to play Destiny on a daily basis, despite the game launching on September 9, just ahead of a crowded holiday shopping season. Hardcore and even casual players quickly beat the campaign, and have since teamed up with friends to level grind in the hopes of acquiring the best Legendary and Exotic items. Whether or not Destiny has World of Warcraft staying power (10 years strong) remains to be seen, but the fact that Bungie’s title remains relevant is impressive. 

That said, additional missions on the moon made us happy, largely because the environment (without question one of the prettiest) lacked a satisfying number of quests.  At $19.99 (the Expansion Pass sells for $34.99), however, our first thought was of a new planet.  Granted, Earth, the moon, Venus and Mars have room to grow, but we’re greedy. 

Which planet (or planetoid) could Bungie have added? Not exactly sure with slim pickings in our solar system. Pluto perhaps, or the moons of Jupiter.  Players will inevitably demand a change of scenery, and will put pressure on Bungie to respond. 

What’s here, though, is just enough to keep us grinding a bit longer to reach the new level cap of 32, or uncover more Legendary and Exotic items. On the multiplayer front, meanwhile, three new maps will go a long way for competitive gamers. 

Taking all of this into account, what’s your opinion of The Dark Below? Did Bungie deliver what you expected, and will you continue playing Destiny through December?  What would you like to see in Expansion II? Let us know in the comments section below.

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