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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided First Look – The Power of Augmentation

by Prima Games Staff

Back in 2011, Square Enix revitalized the Deus Ex franchise with Human Revolution, a bold new adventure that introduced us to augmented soldier Adam Jensen.

In the game, the hero finds himself neck deep in the human enhancement movement, fighting his way through big corporations with every ounce of cybernetic strength and firepower he can muster.

We covered this game quite extensively, complete with a video talkthrough and a strategic preview for the Wii U version. However, the time has come for Jensen to cover new ground in the forthcoming sequel, Mankind Divided, coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.

First introduced with a cryptic Twitch campaign called CantKillProgress, Mankind Divided follows Jensen through events that occur after Revolution, in a world becoming increasingly reliant on augmentation. As a result, more enemies use the technology, forcing the super-soldier back into action as he fights to save the future.

Similar to the first game, Mankind Divided combines shooting tactics with role-playing elements, as Jensen can use a number of cybernetics to his advantage. Although Square Enix hasn’t detailed these yet, we have an idea of the tech he’ll be able to use, based on the trailer below.

First off, Taser darts appear to be in Adam’s arsenal, allowing him to shoot them from his hand to quickly subdue enemies. For players who prefer stealth, these darts should prove invaluable.

The PEPS, or Pulsed Energy Projection System from the original game will return, but this time the developers implemented it directly into Jensen’s tech. Think of it as a close-range force cannon that can fling enemies across the room. While non-lethal, it will push an adversary into his allies, providing Jensen the breathing room he needs to strike back.

Remember the Icarus Landing System from the original game? That appears to be back to some extent with a new charging ability that can shoot a large pulse to disable foes in range. We don’t know the extent of this weapon yet, but it can be useful should Jensen trigger an alarm or get the attention of a patrol.

Those who prefer up-close combat will be able to use Jensen’s arm blades. While not confirmed, you may be able to use these blades as projectiles, in case you want to stick someone to a wall or quietly take him down. Finally, Jensen has the ability to generate plated shielding to protect from attacks.

Like the previous game, he’ll also access a number of useful assault rifles, guns and other weapons, which he can use to clear out both regular and superhuman enemies.

Mankind Divided should strike a fine balance between stealth and action, as players can decide how they want to complete the game. Jensen can enter a room guns blazing or sneak past unsuspecting enemies in the hopes of completing his objective undetected.

More information on Mankind Divided should be released in the months ahead, so be sure to check back for more details on augmentations (as well as how to improve them over the course of the game), weapons and other abilities.

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