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Destiny: House of Wolves – A Ruling House

by Prima Games Staff

This page will continue the Destiny: House of Wolves story mission walkthrough series by showing you how to beat The Ruling House.

Players will hit the ground running with this one, immediately noticing a Chosen Shrieker. The level you see will depend on the difficulty you set going into the mission, but as long as you’re a comparable level you should be able to defeat it rather quickly. Of course, like any mission, the more skilled members you have in your fire team, the easier you’ll find things.

Unfortunately, the Chosen Shrieker won’t be the only thing you have to deal with, there will be some lower level enemies, but also a Chosen Knight or two that need to be dispatched. Do this, and then make your way into the tunnels. After a short run, you’ll find some additional low level enemies, as well as a Wolf High Servitor that is rumored to be the cause of the interference. Eliminate all the foes in the area, moving forward through the tunnels to an area you might recognize from The Devil’s Layer Strike.

Fight your way through the wave of Chosen Knight and Chosen Acolyte foes, then push forward until you come into contact with your second Wolf High Servitor. Remember that these enemies are vulnerable in their single eye, so shoot there if you want to deal critical damage and bring them down even faster. If there are multiple members of your fire team, have at least one of them work on keeping the Fallen minions off your back while you deal with the primary target. When the area is clear, pick up any drops that might be in the area and continue on.

Use your Ghost if you aren’t sure what direction to go, but just know that you have a little bit of running that needs to happen (must by story time) before you’ll be in another fight. Take the opportunity to reload all of your weapons, then follow your objective markers until you get the dreaded message informing you that respawning is restricted.

The fighting will pick back up with some Dregs, Elder Vandals and even an Elder Captain. The action will lead you up to a balcony, then out into an area that you’ll find Yavek, Wolf Baron, Paskin, King Baron, as well as a Wolf High Servitor (or two), and a laundry list of other enemies that are looking to send you back to your grave. We found that the key here was to not move too far into the area where we could be hit from any direction, but rather to stay back and keep the fight directly in front of us. If you have a Titan in your group that’s running the Defender Subclass, have them toss up their Ward of Dawn Super to keep the fire team safe from incoming attacks. You don’t have to use it, but it’s nice to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day.

When all of the enemies in this area are down, the mission will be complete, leaving you a precious few seconds to roam the room and pick up any ammunition that might be lying about. There is also likely to be a few Engrams, but let’s be honest, they aren’t worth your time, and you can pick them up at the Postmaster when you get back to the Tower (or The Reef) even if you leave them on the field.

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