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Destiny House of Wolves Characters in the Reef– Petra, Variks, Brother Vance

by Prima Games Staff

Bungie’s new Destiny expansion, House of Wolves, features a new social meeting place known as the Reef. Once there, players will be able to meet other fans and interact with new characters to acquire weapons and equipment. 

Although House of Wolves does not come out until May 19, Bungie revealed new details about the Reef in a Destiny live stream. 

Unlike the Tower, the Reef is a bit of mess. Once you enter the Queen’s Bay you’ll discover a place in turmoil, filled with debris, pirates and derelict ships. Bungie’s goal was to create a dangerous atmosphere with a sort of outer rim vibe, hence the dark colors and somber music.  

As Bungie described it, the queen controlled the House of Wolves, which rebelled and killed some of her guards; remaining guards stand at attention when you approach, which is a cool detail. Petra and the queen then call upon the Guardians to converge upon the Reef to help out.  

With this in mind, these are some of the characters you’ll interact with while at the Reef. 

Petra Venj (Queen’s Wrath)

She is the main story agent for House of Wolves. She seems to have lost her mask and something happened to her left eye, though Bungie did not provide any details.  Speak to her to embark upon a path of revenge, filled with new bounties. These include hunting Drevis, Wolf Baroness near the Cosmodrome’s Forgotten Shore to gain +250 Queen’s Wrath and +4,500 Experience, and then going after Beltrik the Veiled in the Ember Caves on Venus for the same rewards. 

In fact, there is a full set of Queen’s Wrath armor and weapons for you to obtain, as well as the Ceres Galliot Awoken ship, designed to explore the Reef and beyond. 

Variks, the Loyal (House of Judgment)

Meeting Variks gives you a rare chance to interact with a member of the Fallen from the House of Judgment, who also runs the Prison of Elders.  Yes, you’ve killed his kind before, but he serves as an informant and is loyal to the queen. He also appears to have seen combat because his missing arms were replaced with mechanical limbs. He’ll provide Fallen themed class items (Wolfslayer’s Claw auto rifle) and ships from House of Winter and House of Devils.  Now you can dress up like your favorite aliens, providing you complete multiple challenges and then turn content drops in to Variks in exchange for high-level gear. 

Variks will have new rewards each week, and now you’re able to preview the gear you want and work towards it. We imagine players will take interest in the Judgment’s Chance package that includes Amor Core and Weapon Core. 

Bungie will release new details on Prison of Elders May 6.

Brother Vance (Disciple of Osiris) 

Walk away from Variks a short distance and you’ll encounter your guide for House of Wolves, the Disciple of Osiris, surrounded by a plethora of candles. Visit this robed character to earn rewards, with the ultimate goal of receiving hunter gear that transforms your character into a sort of Egyptian king. 

Aside from these characters, much of the Reef remains a mystery. Will Xur show up here? You’ll have to wait and see, though it appears all Guardians are welcome, whether they purchase House of Wolves or not. 

The Tower 

Thankfully, Bungie will give players more than one reason to head back to the Tower. In an effort to simplify the Destiny economy, you can now exchange items with the Speaker. For example, you can trade Ascendant Shards for Ascendant Energy. From there, you’re able to buy light and glimmer. 

On top of that, vendors will have new full armor sets for each faction, along with new perks and guns. Lord Shaxx, for instance, carries both Vanguard and Crucible outfits. 

Finally, you can upgrade all of your old stuff to light level 34, even if you don’t own the DLC. Naturally it will take longer than if you buy House of Wolves, but it can be done, and you must find the materials to complete the upgrade, so grinding is in order. Every legendary weapon and piece of armor can be upgraded. Buy a legendary weapon and then go to the Gunsmith to reforge.

We’ll have more on Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves next week, following Bungie’s April 29 live stream where it reveals new info on the Trials of Osiris. In the meantime, we’ll tell you where to find all of the Dead Ghosts in Destiny.

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