Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Collector’s Edition is a Treasure Trove for Lore Hunters

It began in nothing. But in that nothing, I began to perceive an impossible something.

As The Final Shape looms ever closer, hope and inspiration are needed now more than ever. And that’s precisely what The Final Shape Collector’s Edition aspires to do, with a care package prepared by Eido, the Scribe of House Light.

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The Final Shape Collector’s Edition is equal parts sentimental and revelatory. It’s a collection that will appeal to Guardians who were first awakened by their Ghost in the Cosmodrome in Destiny 1 to those who’ve come to love the rich and complex lore of the universe that has been built upon for the past seven years.

The most touching part of the collection is undoubtedly the autograph book, which is filled with messages of hope and reassurance from guardians in lore to characters you’ve likely spoken to hundreds, if not thousands, of times in the Tower. The Spicy Ramen shop coupons are a nod to the best restaurant in the Tower and a particular Hunter’s favorite haunt, and the gleaming silver Tower is nostalgic and full of secrets that encourage you to really engage with it.

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But of course, the real meat of the collection is in the House of Light’s scribe Eido’s Classified Report. This bound book contains a document titled “Entelechy”. Entelechy is the realization of potential, the vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism, and a thing’s very soul.

And that is the perfect word to describe the document, which is full of transcriptions and Eido’s own musings. The Entelechy delves into the precursor of the Witness and the philosophy that drives the pursuit of the Final Shape. Finally, it reveals a conversation between Eido and Mara herself and a dream that seems prophetic. This conversation succinctly sums up the classified report, laying a foundation for the year of the Final Shape to come.

The full implications of this document are being pored over by guardians all over the world, and it’s likely we won’t truly understand the breadth or depth of it until The Final Shape releases on June 4, 2024. But suffice it to say, Entelechy reveals that the shades of grey here are more nuanced than we could have ever anticipated.

Destiny 2 has always been defined by its fantastic gameplay, world-building, and lore. The Final Shape Collector’s edition underlines that. But beyond the classified report, the Collector’s Edition offers:

  • Tower Architectural Replica
  • Vanguard Mentor Figurines
  • Vanguard Mission Dossier
  • Vanguard Mission Patch
  • Autograph Book
  • Code for Destiny 2 Emblem ‘Gateway’
  • Other secrets

The culmination of years of history and world-changing events happens when Destiny 2: The Final Shape releases on June 4, 2024. Are you ready, Guardian?

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