This Destiny 2 Brood Queen Cosplay Is Beyond Perfection

We are suckers for a good cosplay but this Destiny 2 Brood Queen is truly out of this world!

We love Destiny 2, we love cosplay; ever the two shall meet and our Editor in Chief loses her mind! No, but seriously, we’ve shared some pretty stellar Destiny 2 takes in the past but one aspect of the shooter that is overlooked are the in-game enemies. One cosplayer decided to change that and her Destiny 2 Brood Queen cosplay is beyond incredible! 

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This incredible cosplay comes from Jennifer, also known as Spartan Jenzii. Her take on the Brood Queen is incredibly detailed and versatile in a way that’s easy to imagine in combat: 

From the short video of seeing it in action, to the mounted chest piece posted in the image right below it, it’s easy to see the amount of care and attention to detail that went into this particular creation. 

For those unfamiliar with Destiny 2 lore, In Ananh, AKA Brood Queen, is a powerful Hive that can alternate between Solar and Void powers. She first appeared during the Forsaken expansion in Destiny 2 and is also the first Hive to have a consort that is outside of her species – at least that we know of. 

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The amount of lore that goes into Destiny 2 is deceptively large and seeing cosplayers take on the various aspects of the game is incredible to see outside of recreating their beloved Guardians. While the short clip is just a teaser, we can’t wait to see the final product because from what it looks like, this Brood Queen cosplay is beyond perfection. 

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