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Demon’s Souls Looks Like a Nightmare In the Best Way Possible

by Prima Games Staff

In July, during the first PlayStation 5 Showcase, we got a glimpse at the Demon’s Souls remake from Bluepoint Games. Then during the most recent showcase, we got to see actual gameplay, and well, it looked amazing.

Originally released on the PlayStation 3, Demon’s Souls ushered in a brand-new genre of games. Unfortunately, the PS3 had its limits, and it was clear the ambition was much greater than the hardware capabilities of the time.

The live stream was running at 1080p/30 frames per second, but this trailer showcases a much smoother 60 frames per second. It’s always great to see older games get the treatment that Bluepoint has crafted here.

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The gameplay does a fantastic job of providing a sense of scope players can expect from the game. The boss fight featured at the end of the gameplay footage showcases just how small you are compared to Demon’s Souls’ beasts and monsters.

Thanks to HDR and ray-traced reflections, darkness can be utilized to its full effect. Having light only peer through part of a cavern or hallway helps set the tone. 

More realistic shadows and contrast levels between dark and light areas elevate the horror levels. There is a moment in the footage where the player turns around a dimly lit corridor and can only see their enemy’s glowing helmet in the distance.

It’s moments like these that up the tension and has us in awe of just how good this game looks.


Soul’s bosses were already made of nightmares, but now it’s a whole new ballgame. Between the amount of detail and the moody lighting, the world of Boletaria has never been scarier.

With most pre-release console footage, it’s essential to take these images and trailers with a grain of salt, but after seeing the game in motion, it’s looking more and more promising.

 This coupled with all of the promises of next-generation hardware, has most people pretty excited.

The way light fills the room, paired with the absence of light in the foreground, gives everyone a good sense of next-gen’s capabilities and the prowess of Bluepoint Games.

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