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Death Stranding Meets Skyrim With New Mod

by Liana Ruppert

While we’re still waiting for some sweet, sweet Death Stranding mods to appear, why not add some Death Stranding to your Skyrim experience? We know, we know: Skyrim … again? But we like mods, we like Death Stranding on PC, let’s be real; before it was popular to hate on Skyrim, it was a huge favorite for many. So, let’s combine the two! 

This mod is a simple reskin for the Male Nord preset in Skyrim, and transforms the protagonist into Mads Mikkelsen’s mysterious character from Death Stranding. While simple in context, there are a few mods you’ll need in conjunction with this one in order to make it work properly. Luckily, the modder detailed specific instructions for those interested in downloading. 

Before downloading this mod, you’ll need the following: 

  • Racemenu
  • Skysight skins (young)
  • Runic eyes
  • KS hairdos

While not an exact replica, it’s still a work in progress, you can see Mads’ character somewhat in the below nord: 

To download this mod for Death Stranding on PC, check out the Nexus Mods post right here to get started. There is also a forum area as well for those that may be seeking a few answers on how to get started from the mod creator themselves.

It will be interesting to see what sort of mods fans come up with. Listed below, we can up with our own dream list – though it’s mostly silly – for what we’d like to see in-game, including the tried and true Thomas the Tank engine mod that PC gamers love to use. 

Originally speculated to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the breakout title for Kojima Productions recently made its way over onto PC and while it had a few issues at launch, the overall consensus is that this move was a smart one by Kojima-san and his company.

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What kind of Death Stranding mods would you like to see on PC? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page. While you’re at it, mosey on over to our game hub here for more news, tips, and tricks before going out on delivery. 

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