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DayZ Bucket List – 5 Things Everyone Should Experience

by Prima Games Staff

The fictional nation of Chernarus, the location for Bohemia’s open world zombie survival game DayZ, is said to be 225 square kilometers. In fact, after about 50 hours into the game, there are still several cities that we have yet to visit. Simply put, there are a lot of things to see and do, many of which don’t involve player-versus-player or looting houses.

Whether you’re just starting out in DayZ or getting caught up in the battle for Berezino, here are five things everyone should try during their time in Chernarus.

5. Go Hunting and Fishing

It’s really not that hard to kill an animal in DayZ, but it is somewhat more difficult to catch a fish. Both are rewarding if done right and you follow it all the way through. While hunting provides food and animal skins used for crafting, fishing requires quite a bit of looting to find the necessary gear, but can give players a sense of accomplishment. Either way, during your time in the game, meet up with a couple of friends and leave the player-versus-player behind. Go on an adventure and live off of the land for a few hours.

4. Sit Around the Campfire

This one ties in directly with the first, allowing you to cook your meat after a long day of hunting and fishing. Campfires are fairly simple to start and are absolutely gorgeous while hanging out with a few friends after dark. Cook your meat, stay warm and tell stories about your epic trip through the Northwest Airfield. Just make sure to keep a keen eye out for zombies attracted to the light.

3. Have a Fist Fight

Fistfights in DayZ are as much about hoping not to be the victim of lag as much as they are skill with your fists. The good news is that you can’t die from a punch to the head, but you can be knocked out cold or bleed, which could lead to death. Your best bet is to find a quiet place with some of your closest friends and create your own version of Fight Club. Just make sure someone has rags to patch up the loser, and expect to wake up with no pants.

2. Get Yourself Held Up

Getting held up in DayZ is bound to get your heart pumping. You give up complete control of your life to a total stranger, and to be honest, there’s a good chance he or she will kill you. Still, video games are at their best when they get your adrenaline pumping, and this is one of the best methods in the game. If you’re really hardcore, you can complete this task while you’re all geared up, but even as a fresh spawn, you’re bound to get a good idea of how nerve-racking a complete loss of control really is. Either way, when it’s all over you’ll be a hardened veteran, ready to take on anything the apocalypse can throw at you.

1. Help a Total Stranger

This one is arguably the scariest of them all. It’s also rare to see people doing it, and that’s all the more reason you should make it a priority. It’s easy to shoot someone, especially if they’re unarmed. That doesn’t take skill, and quite frankly it sucks the fun out of the game. DayZ is about player interaction and adventures, and while bandits help create that tension filled dynamic, good deeds foster more good deeds, and there are not enough of those going around in Chernarus these days.

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