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DayZ – Blackout’s Diary – Day 21 – Surviving Elektro

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve written about his adventures and embedded his videos many times before, but given that today has us in a DayZ kind of mood, we thought we’d take an opportunity to highlight one of his latest uploads, Day 21 of Blackout’s Diary.

Whether you’re a resident of Chernarus or just someone who likes to keep tabs on what its citizens are up to, this video series is an absolute must. How do we know? We were just casual DayZ fans ourselves until we stumbled across this series, but a few months later we’ve spent more than 112 hours scavenging for food and crafting leather backpacks.

While it’s true that the series has slowed down in release frequency in recent months, that’s due to the fact Mr. Blackout has spent the bulk of his time streaming on Twitch, something that brings him even closer to his loyal followers.

Check out Day 21 below. If you’ve never seen this series before, you’re in for a treat. If you’re a loyal Mr. Blackout fan, join us in the comments to celebrate the return of his diary. Also, make sure you check out Mr. Blackout, KD Wolf, Jam Jar, Echoics, Kiwion and Mr. Moon on Twitch if you’re looking for hours of entertainment. The Heroes of Chernarus could always use some company.

Thanks for the entertainment and inspiration, Mr. B. Love you long time.

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