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Cool Things to do in Just Cause 3

by Prima Games Staff

We provided a glimpse at Just Cause 3 in this first look, discussing the return of hero Rico Rodriguez and his battle against the tyrannical General Di Ravello, a dictator attempting to destroy the Mediterranean island of Medici.

Since that time, a new Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer emerged, showing off some of the insane tricks you can pull off against Di Ravello’s forces, and we’re not talking the Joyride of Death and RPG powerboat jumpshot from Just Cause 2. There’s plenty more where that came from.

You can check out the chaos for yourself in the new gameplay trailer below, but here’s a breakdown of some of the new activities you’ll be able to do.

Using the Wingsuit

In previous games, Rico used a parachute to survive falling from great heights.  In Just Cause 3, he has a new way to get around, the wingsuit. This allows him to reach areas faster while at the same time flying more accurately. At the beginning of the trailer, he homes in on a lone fighter jet, which he’s able to land on with ease. Speaking of jets…

Surfing a Fighter Jet

Once Rico lands on a fighter jet, he can surf it for a little while (not for too long, since the wind pressure is likely to knock him off) before he pulls a Grand Theft Auto, gains entry to the cockpit and yanks the pilot from his seat before assuming control.

Creating a Makeshift Battering Ram

While piloting an aerial vehicle, Rico has the opportunity to deal even more damage, thanks to the use of a tow cable. With it, he can easily latch on to vehicles or objects on the ground, then drag them around to collide with other things. Get hold of a Hummer, for instance, and you have the equivalent of a wrecking ball, destroying a motorcade with one powerful swing.

For that matter, even larger vehicles prove useful, like a bus that drags along the road like a moving blockade, smashing anything it comes in contact with.

Sabotaging a Train

Yes, there are trains in Just Cause 3, since Di Ravello probably uses them to move weapons and other things around Medici. However, like the cowboys of old, Rico can hijack a train and then cause a nasty derail. While not as accurate as other playable vehicles in the game, the train packs a lot of power, and may be just the thing you need to bring a building down to size.

Transforming Vehicles into Weapons

Jets and helicopters in Just Cause 3 come with missiles and guns, as well as an explosive punch. Once you’ve run out of weapons, the next best thing is fly them into structures. By that logic, a fighter jet turns into a guided missile. Just remember to eject before making contact, then survive the fall with the wingsuit.

Grappling to Victory

Rico is once again able to use his grapple hook to get around in a hurry. He can latch onto a rival helicopter and shoot enemies from the sky. On top of that, he can zipline onto an enemy and hit them with a speedy kick, or grab vehicles and jump to a quicker rider, leaving the other car behind to collide with pursuing enemies.

Guns, Guns and More Guns

Of course, Just Cause 3 would be nothing without traditional gunplay. When he’s not performing super-powered stunts, Rico will utilize pistols, assault rifles and a chaingun to get the job done against Di Ravello’s forces. Even rocket launchers come in handy, should you need to blow up an adversary’s weapon supply in a hurry.

You’ll be able to see how this all comes together when Just Cause 3 releases later this year.

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